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Ankh Morpork Magistrate Election

Re:#1 Magistrate elections

Only one day left - so better vote soon if you haven't yet!

You can vote in the voting office on the upper floor of the Council
building on Speedwell street, and receive a shiny election pin. You
can also vote via the Council web pages at
and miss out on the pin.

Everybody please vote!

Re:#1 Election results

Thanks to everybody who voted, congratulations to those who were
elected, and thanks in particular to everybody who stood in the

The number of voters went down from last time's xx (and further down
from the xx before that), the number of actual votes cast went down
from xx (and from xx).

And in case you were wondering about the results for <NAME> and <NAME>:
the Council clerks randomly break any ties they encounter.

From the citizenship-application room

Waiting for sponsorship:
<DATE>: <NAME> not sponsored by anyone.


* Applicants for citizenship must be four days old and need a sponsor
who is at least ten days old and a citizen already. (318)
* Applications take ten days to process, in order to give citizens
time to comment on them. (318)
* Sponsors have to know the person they sponsor. (318)