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Newbie Starter Packs

Notice: Due to having less time available to devote to active gameplay on the Disc, this service has been discontinued for the foreseeable future.

For new players just starting out, I hand out free newbie starter packs funded through the Ankh-Morpork Council.

Newbie starter packs include the following inventory:

  • a Newbie Guide (notepad) available in the following languages:
    • Agatean
    • Brindisian
    • Djelian
    • Ephebian
    • Morporkian
    • Uberwaldean
  • a large backpack
  • a heavy brown cloak (warming)
  • a beige linen cloak (cooling)
  • a yellow stone ring (light source)
  • a bottle of healing tea
  • choice of starter weapon:
    • dagger (moon dagger)
    • sword (short sword)
    • heavy-sword (two-handed sword)
    • axe (one-handed battle axe)
    • mace (short steel baton)
    • flail (Borogravian war flail)
    • polearm (javelin)
    • misc (long brass-banded stake)
    • unarmed (knuckle-dusters)
  • a needle and spool of thread (for mending clothes)
  • a quill and chapbook (for taking notes)
  • a large white towel
  • a small knife

To request a newbie starter pack, please send me a mudmail with your choice of weapon type, your native language for the guide, and which post office you would like it delivered to (though I will deliver in person if possible). You can also send me a tell if I’m logged in, but I might not answer right away if I’m AFK or in the middle of something. Sometimes tells simply get lost in the midst of everything going on, so feel free to try again if I don’t get back to you after awhile.

Note: The contents of these starter packs are subject to change. I'm currently in the process of overhauling the weapons choices I offer to include more than what's currently listed. Please inquire for details.