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I'm slowly ordering custom nodachis from Wan Bending Reed to try and find more combinations of patterns and grips which produce nodachi with special names. If this table ever gets finished, I'll move on to daikatana and zanbato, but given the 1.8 day waiting period on each custom order (and the tedious grinding that funds this project), that won't be happening any time soon.

After looking at the pages for the various custom weapons, specifically at the known special combinations, I've opted to simplify testing by assuming that multiple grips which produce the same special name when combined with the same pattern are equivalent grips to each other.

This table is mostly for organising test efforts. The custom nodachis page will be updated as I get results.

Custom nodachi combinations (testing)

Combinations Already Tested: 42/154

X = bending reed nodachi (no special name)

? = currently on order

blank cell = hasn't been tested

GRIP chrysanthemum blossoms wind and lightning hibiscus flowers falling leaves lotus blossoms climbing vines snowflakes fireworks raindrops a ladder a river clouds reeds none
black silk / black leather dark beauty X X X shadow rain
grey silk / grey leather X striking thunder X clouded grey
red silk / red leather / crimson silk X hot wind wrathful flower X X X X X X
amber silk / amber leather X falling petal endless summer
green silk / jade green silk / jade green leather opening blossom X jade river
midnight blue silk / deep blue leather X stormy night X
white silk / white leather X X frigid bloom ? (Finchy) X
brown silk / birchwood carved flower ? (Inige) choked tree
sharkskin X electrified hammerhead X
snakeskin X striking serpent
tiger skin X X autumn tiger X