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Master Fuzzle Badgereye the Brown

  • Character Name: Fuzzle
  • Email:

DiscworldTTS Designer

For any suggestions or questions about the DiscworldTTS for VipMud project, please feel free to contact Fuzzle via ingame mail or via email at the above address. For live chat, you can find Fuzzle on Discworld!

See also: Accessibility Help

Wizardly Services

Old man Badgereye is willing to make custom crafted goods for no charge, but you must provide the materials.

  • What can't be turned into a talker? Your item made to be a talker on demand.
  • What can't be turned into a GP light source? Your wearable item made to cast light from your guild points on demand. Bring an oil lamp.
  • Bodgered items require a wood riving of appropriate length and optional bottle of ink and optional bar of scented or unscented wax. The wood type, ink colour, and wax scent are up to you.
  • Blorples used for casting JPCT can be made from any wearable jewellery you provide, but gold rings are most common. You choose the location and Fuzzle may already be able to get there to blorp the item.
  • Wallpaper can be coloured to match any 1 or 2 inks you provide. Rolls of blank wallpaper don't grow on trees.
  • Elegant (temperature regulating) rings are made on demand. Any ordinary gold ring works and the charge will last several days to help keep you comfortable and stylish.
  • Single scrolls scribed on demand.
  • Getting you unstuck transportation via portal
  • Now enchanting items with the purple mineral powder you provide.}

List of Blorped Locations

Hunting Spots

  • Bandit camp
  • Fez club - DJB
  • Grflx caves
  • Salt Shaker - Morpork
  • The Shades - Ankh-Morpork
  • Stone Giants
  • Rat-Hole - Morpork
  • Rogues' - Mad Stoat
  • Zoon Lier - Ohulan-Cutash


 See: vault
  • Three-Sitting-Bird's vault - Bes Pelargic
  • Jonas' vault - Ankh
  • Nella's vault - Morpork
  • Nostos vault - Ephebe
  • Philip's vault - Genua
  • Thella's vault - Djelibeybi
  • Wills vault - Ohulan-Cutash

Other Locations

  • Lanfear's house - AM
  • Mended drum - AM
  • Money exchange office - AM
  • Pishe gardens - AM
  • Real estate office - AM
  • Troll's Pub - AM
  • Unseen University - AM
Morpork Surrounding Area
  • Dinky
  • Hillshire
  • Holywood
  • Nowhere
  • Pekan ford
  • Scrogden
  • Sheepridge
  • Sto Lat
  • Wizards' outpost
  • Bad ass
  • Blackglass
  • Brass neck
  • Creel springs
  • Gloomy forest
  • granny weatherwax cottage
  • Lancre Hunters camp
  • Lancre town
  • Mad wolf
  • Ohulan-Cutash
  • Razorback
  • Slice
  • Market crossroads - DJB
  • Docks - DJB
  • Institute of Illusiry Learning - DJB
  • Bois - Genua
  • Diamond city casino - Genua
  • Chronides farmyard - EP
  • Ephebian Oasis EP
  • Il Drim - EP
  • Klatchian Continental Bank - EP
Counterweight Continent
Bes Pelargic
  • Blue moon park
  • Customs office
  • Jones fence
  • market street bank
  • Ninja Guild
  • Real estate office
  • Samurai Dojo
  • Tuna walk
  • Wander alley
Tuna Bay
  • Tang island
  • Sunken Ship
  • Brown islands
  • Capture the Flag arena
  • Crystal egg tree
  • Death's house
  • Escrow - Uberwald
  • Klatch foreign legion
  • Monks of Cool

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