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emsenn the Committed Follower of Pishe

emsenn is a young Pishite.


Past Lives

emsenn started living on Discworld in RW1998. Back then he was reincarnated as multiple different types of people, normally living as a thief. In about 2003, he became Tay, which was his first life as a Hoodwinker. Tay was a mischevious fat old wizard, often using his magical and covert skills [1] to play pranks on other players, and generally misbehave. He was banished from the plane by the gods multiple times for his behavior, and eventually was banned from coming back.

Early Life

emsenn has had multiple incarnations on Discworld. Initially he was a thief from Bes Pelargic, and afterward became a priest of Gufnork from Ankh-Morpork, and then as a Hoodwinker once more. After about 200 days of playtime, emsenn grew tired of his Hoodwinking, and after a brief stint as a Hashishim, refreshed at 219 days old as a Pishite.

Modern Life

emsenn is relatively new to his priestly ways, but is known to enjoy lounging around the Pishite waterpark in Ankh-Morpork as well as spending time in his home town of Brass Neck. When he's not sliding down waterslides or enjoying a pint of cider, he can often be found in the life-buying pool, offering restorations and blessings to those who visit his goddess.


As a relatively new member of Pishe's flock, emsenn is not able to offer many services. However, he does offer to perform the rituals Bless, Raise Dead Pet, Relief, Restore, and Soothing Rain when asked. He is also capable of assisting one person in travel across the Disc, but does not like to do so.