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For fun some of my Friends, and dare I say Fans, set their titles with a title changer to Em's _____

Traditionally this is done with the ANSI color RED. Sometimes there are exceptions.


set title to %^RED%^Em's <petname>%^RESET%^

Escaped Code

To help someone set their title via copy paste on mud you must use escaped codes. For talker channels or group chat, instead of typing %^ you have to type %%^%%^^^

set title to %%^%%^^^RED%%^%%^^^Em's <petname>%%^%%^^^RESET%%^%%^^^

This does not work for tells or club chat.


Each person should have a unique title whether they choose it for them-self or work together with Emily to find the perfect one.


Usually the titles are in red but Nuala has been given special dispensation

set title to %^#FF99cc%^Em's Partner in Crime%^RESET%^


set title to %^RED%^Em's Synonymous Shadow%^RESET%^


set title to %^RED%^Em's Fire Bunny%^RESET%^


It has been this for at least a decade:

set title to %^RED%^Thief of Hearts%^RESET%^

Playing with the color a little:

set title to %^#FF0066%^Thief of Hearts%^RESET%^