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A collection of stories from Emily's life on Discworld. Told both OOC and IC. At the moment these are just placeholders for stories I have told. I will flesh them out more fully later, right now I just am setting up a framework/outline with reminder notes.

Origin of a Name (OOC)

How her name was chosen.

Born in Sheerpridge

I have an old copy of this story somewhere.

My First Login (OOC)

What it felt like stepping out of the door of the Drum onto Filligree.

My First Quest

Balancing and Junkmail.

An Urchin on the Streets of Ankh-Morpork

How Kordane found me and encouraged me to join the Guild of Thieves.

The Hiatus and the Return (OOC)

Emily's Language School

Emily and the Five Knights

Emily and the Hall of Blades