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Character Study & Appearance

Emily thief prowler
Ms Emily von Schaf

Name(s): Emily
Nickname(s): Em
Meaning/Origins: Emily was born in the town of Sheepridge. 'Schaf' means sheep in German. She has a long and complicated history.
First Login: Thu Aug 10 01:56:59 1995
Age: Over 2 years, 73 days
Race & Gender:: Human Female
Guild & Specialization: Member of the Prowlers of the Thieves' Guild
Guildmistress of Thieves
Armor: Not much, a pair of leather wristlets, sometimes strength guantlets, a mask.
Weapons & Tactics: Sword & Parry. She wields a matched pair of Makhairai named Sweet Smile and Bitter Fury. Her former ruby-hilted rapiers, Laughter and Delight, sheathed in Her Heart and Her Soul, are now vaulted away.
Favorite Crafts: Pottery, Needlework, Gems
Title: Lady Emily von Schaf the Guildmistress of the Thieves' Guild, Thief of Hearts, Pinkfish Worshipper, the leader of Em's.
Club Memberships: 'secret', 'secret', 'secret', 'secret', 'secret', Artificers Anonymous, Boardgames, Charm Chasers, Geezers, playerhelpers, shopkeep, Teacher, Trade, Tshop Spotters
Former Memberships: Black Orchid, DarkCabbaged, Head Over Feet, NAMCO, The_Revivalists, VFG, zmud cartographers, Fantasmas_de_la_Noche, The Hunt, Number Chasers, pizza, The Priesthood of Mross, Club Diamond, The Uberwaldean Alliance
Favorite Item(s): Thieves' Guild Licence, Dragon Badge, Swiatlo Niewinnosci, Laughter & Delight, iron gauntlets, small compact, Morpork rose towel.
Favorite Soul(s): smile, laugh with, bow with a flourish
I specialize in teaching covert but also have good craft teaching skills and semi decent people.teaching.fighting as well. I do not have dagger skills.
I have autoteaching turned on. If you would like to learn something from me, just type 'teach me <skill> from Emily' or 'teach me <number of levels> <skill> from Emily' or 'teach me max <skill> from Emily'. If the cost in xp is okay with you then type 'learn <skill> from Emily'
'Pshop:' Proprietor of The Dragon's Nest, Pallant Street, Ankh-Morpork
[*] Stealing 700+ levels (bonus 582 teaching bonus 506)
[*] Steal Mazda's Flame
[*] Sword 500 levels and title of Swordmistress
[*] Changed stats to c8 d20 i13 s16 w8.
[ ] Complete all quests (3 left) 754 (766) qp (RAM:ScrapsM, SSportsman, HollowHero)
[ ] Brin 96/90
[ ] Dwarf 30+/84
[*] Maxed all other languages to 99/90
[ ] Shoto Safe: This is Emily's long term goal. She has been working on advancing the skills for this for a few years. However, she doesn't chase Exp so it is a slow process.

Guildmistress, Thief of Hearts, Lady, Ms Emily, Shop Owner, Acquisition Expert, Clever Cleptomaniac (or Klever Kleptomaniac for those that complain about the C), Social Idler, Crafter, Explorer, Roleplayer, Quester, Knowledgable and Helpful, Friend.
"It's still magic even if you know how it's done." -- Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


You see Lady Emily von Schaf the Guildmistress of the Thieves' Guild.
She is the thief of hearts.

Emily has shoulder length dark curly hair and heart shaped lips that seem almost on the verge of a smile. Her hazel eyes look up at you in wide eyed innocence. As you watch her though you notice a keenness of attention that belies her innocent look. Clearly Ankh-Morpork has made its impression on this daughter of Sheepridge. From beneath her hat, Emily's hair takes on a wild life of its own. The curls seem to bounce and frolic of their own accord. Her right hand bears a red henna tattoo of a dragon curled upon a pile of treasure. The treasure all appear to be hearts, each with a name.

She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Holding: Sweet Smile (left hand) and Bitter Fury (right hand).
Wearing: a dark red dress, a close-fitting black leather bag, a deep red silk backpack, a utility belt, a ruby-studded sword belt, a lapis lazuli penholder, two blackened canteens, two keyring necklaces, a Thieves' Guild Licence, Guildmistress Badge, Dragon Badge, Moose Shaped Badge, a black leather armband, a pair of studded leather wristlets, an ibis earring, Swiatlo Niewinnosci, a slim black leather choker, a stealth watch, a silver dragon bracelet, an opal bracelet, a rose gold wedding ring, a rose rhodonite ring, a small electrum ring, a fake flower and a pair of black leather boots.
Carrying: a grotty old potato sack.



Some projects I would like to work on for the wiki.
  • Move my Newbie Packs Suggestions to a new subpage.
  • Clean up Special:UncategorizedCategories
    • Category:Books only has three player written books in it.
    • Create a page listing all books. Add a list of all the in game books with links to them if they exist in the wiki as their own page or withing another subject page.
    • Add player written titles that I have copies of.
    • Consider creating pages for each NPC book. Perhaps take the information from the current pages that have them, create the book page and then in the old page generate the info for multiple appropriate books from their new parent page. I may not be expressing this well.
  • Investigate Orphaned Pages Special:LonelyPages

Favorite Links


Trigger Text

My ZMUD Triggers

Some Favorite Aliases

Double Speak in Group

alias gswset alias gs whisper $2*$ #$1$ @discreetly \$*\$\;group say \$*\$

Example Use:

gswset brindisian swiper,wahara


alias ff1 get $*$ from sb;fence them to fence
alias ff2 get $2*$ from sb;fence $2*$ to $1$
alias ffc1 get 10 clothes except strips from sb;fence clothes to $arg:fence$
alias ffc2 get clothes except strips from sb;fence clothes to $arg:fence$
alias ffj1 get 10 jewellery from sb;fence jewellery to $arg:fence$
alias ffj2 get jewellery from sb;fence jewellery to $arg:fence$

Example Use:

identify old sack as sb
nod fence
ffc1 jim
nod jim

[after not enough clothes message is received]
nod fence

FNP - Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage - aka Cloud Spell

alias castfnp cast Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage from scroll on scroll;

alias castfnp-home get Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage scroll from bench;get towel from mcp;soak towel in fountain;cast Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage from Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage scroll on Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage scroll;condition towels;put towels in mcp;

alias castfnp-liv apologize $arg:living thing -1$; get towel from mcp;squirt $arg:living thing -1$ with flower;squirt $arg:living thing -1$ with flower;squirt $arg:living thing -1$ with flower;squirt $arg:living thing -1$ with flower;squirt $arg:living thing -1$ with flower;squirt $arg:living thing -1$ with flower;dry $arg:living thing -1$ with towel;l towel;cast Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage from scroll on scroll;condition towels;put towels in mcp;

alias quit order all to return all;frimble wait;frimble wait;quit; $*$

AIW Fireworks

AIW Dragon's Nest Adverts
cast Atmospheric Inscription Wonder from scroll
firewrite %^MAGENTA%^Come shop at %^RESET%^ %^RED%^The %^BOLD%^Dragon's%^RESET%^%^RED%^ Nest%^RESET%^%^MAGENTA%^, 27b Pallant Street, Ankh-Morpork.%^RESET%^
firewrite %^MAGENTA%^Come shop at The Dragon's Nest for all your numberchasing needs! 27b Pallant Street, Ankh-Morpork.%^RESET%^
firewrite %^MAGENTA%^Come to%^RESET%^ %^RED%^The %^BOLD%^Dragon's%^RESET%^%^RED%^ Nest%^RESET%^%^MAGENTA%^ to learn covert skills from Ms Emily. 27b Pallant Street, Ankh-Morpork.%^RESET%^
firewrite %^RED%^The Dragon's Nest on Pallant - Hearts, Scrolls, Powder, Tea, QI, Crafty Bits.%^RESET%^
AIW Kairnath Party
firewrite %^MAGENTA%^Congrats %^RESET%^ %^RED%^to %^BOLD%^Kairnath%^RESET%^%^RED%^ for becoming %^RESET%^%^MAGENTA%^Ancient!%^RESET%^

Ordering Badges

~*~ Most Villainous Heart ~*~ 
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

Aine order
    ~*~ Heaviest Heart ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

    ~*~ Coldest Heart ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

~    *~ Best Travelled ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

    ~*~ Most Beastly ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

   ~*~ Most Fashionable ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

    ~*~ Fencer's Friend ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

 ~*~ True Ankh-Morporkian ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

   ~*~ Craggiest Heart ~*~
February 2017 TG Treasure Hunt

Newbie Packs

List of items for Newbies
(Thieves especially) and why I choose them.


  • yellow ring or bamboo necklace (light source that uses gp while worn)
  • packs & satchels (carry stuff)
I like the silk packs from BP for equipment
and grotty old potato sacks from the AM Gnolls for loot.
  • towel (dry off when wet, wear when really cold)

Armour and Clothes

  • cloak (stay warm)
  • collar (neck armour from the big dog at Godot's house in Sur)
  • studded leather wristlets (armour)
  • garter with slender knife (even non-dagger users need a knife to cut things)
  • sheath boots (sheathes knives and daggers)
  • keyring necklace (wearable keyring, walk through doors without fumbling for keys)

Safes (Thieves Only)

  • safe cracking tools (safes)
  • crowbar (safes)
  • drill (safes)
  • rubber gloves (safes)
  • hammer (safes)
  • mirror (safes)

Very Useful

  • silver needle (for mending cloth clothes)
  • heavy duty needle (for mending leather clothes)
  • spools (cotton/silk for cloth)
  • sinew spool (sinew for leather)
  • lockpick (plain and deluxe)
  • oil can & oilstone (for sharpening weapons on the fly)
  • climbing gloves and climbing shoes

Fun and Games and TMs

  • golden lemur (wearable talker from bp)
  • obble/shearer (for guild games)
  • crayon (for writing on friends and shearers)
  • pen or quill (writing implement)
  • roll of labels (label everything you own that is important to you)
  • penholder (sheathe crayon, pen and quill)
  • steel graving tool (for engraving)
  • steel polishing file (for removing engraving)
  • embroidery needle, unpicker, and quilting needle
  • maps of each region (great for TMing direction but also some are great for language tms)
  • fake flower (unlimited water source)

For the sophisticated alt

  • small compact (replaces 'handsome human lad/lass' line in description)
  • title changer (custom titles, especially important for members of Taxi or other service clubs)