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You see Minister BeastEater the Archpriest of Sek.
His full name is Ware The Fallen Beast, Eater of Dreams. It's too much to say.
He is tall, dark and handsome*, he has everything you could want in a holy man, provided that what you want is a sinister evil priest with a penchant for dark glares and human sacrifice. It wouldn't be totally inaccurate to say that his eyes are aglow with dark power, but to do so misses out on the opportunity to mention "eldritch radiance of forbidden rituals".
*Citation needed.


  • His left palm and right palm have
    a circle of seven linked arms
  • His left knuckles and right knuckles have
  • His back has
    the ravenous visage of Sek
  • The skin around his left eye and the skin around his right eye have
    exquisite flames
  • The small of his back has
    Saint Iblis, hip deep in dismembered corpses
  • His right wrist and left wrist have
    Swirling whirlwinds of rage
  • His left breast has
    a lewd pin-up of Repurg of Sek
  • His right breast has
    a lewd pin-up of Kess of Sek
  • His right buttock has
    a winking portrait of Swiper
  • His left buttock has
    laughing Rauna, wreathed in flames
  • His right thigh has
    a lone figure, kneeling in the wilderness
  • His left hip and right hip have
    snarling lions facing each other
  • His left foot and his right foot has
    writhing, flame-like wolves
  • His throat and his neck have
    a worn and scuffed blood red line

Desired Charms

In platinum or gold

  • bottle
  • starfish
  • Pishe
  • Blind Io
  • stoat
  • donkey
  • pair of sandals
  • coin
  • robe
  • broken heart
  • wizard staff
  • noble dragon
  • mirror
  • pants
  • sailor
  • crown
  • tuna
  • sword
  • lotus blossom
  • temple
  • horsehead
  • sandcastle
  • razor
  • duck
  • gravestone
  • igor
  • scythe
  • hunting dog
  • bear

List of Death Masks

Coming soon