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Hi, I'm Scathach of the Lancre Highland Regiment.

I'm also.... Hestia of the Witches, Rarity of Gapp, and Abigail of Mrs. Widgery's Lodgers!

I've played most guilds, although the berth of my knowledge encompasses the thieves' guild, the priests' guild, the ninja guild, and the warrior guilds.

I am most active as Scathach, so contact me there.

To-Do List

This is just a handy-dandy spot for me to keep reminders for myself about what I plan to work on here on the wiki.

a) Vitiolo customisation

b) Work more on the Ann Celeria page.

c) Ponder making pages of all off-branch colours of primary colours similar to the Blue Colours page.

d) Remember what other custom NPCs I saw had no page.

e) Put research in on what bonus in ad.di or was it that is needed to tell the time just by looking at the sky.

f) Other stuff.