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God information
Deity Urika, Goddess of Snow, Saunas, and Theatrical Performances for Fewer than 120 People
Finger Frigid and deadly at first glance, the Goddess Urika has a warmer, softer side as well, in addition to Her love for moderate amounts of showmanship and attention. Her worshippers focus on the balance between the necessity of death and the mercy of life, and typically enjoy having their efforts appreciated by others.

She currently can't be worshipped.

Areas Sto Lat
Priests' Alignment min: +30 extremely good

max: +30 extremely good

Major Shield protected by the power of Urika, Surrounded by steaming snowflakes.
Holy symbol This is a small jet globe, about the size of a billiard ball, scribed deeply with several circles. On the near face a runic glyph representing Urika has been cut into the surface and inlaid with sapphire.
References Sir Robert Cuspidor's "Bleak Yellow Table Performance", a tribute to her, in the exhibition gallery of the Royal Art Museum
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