Unquiet Spirit

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Unquiet Spirit
Ritual information
Deities Fish, Hat
Type Miscellaneous
Base GP cost 120
Components holy symbol, a prayer book containing the prayer "Piercing the Veil", a dagger and a lit candle
Required powers speech, movement, sight

Unquiet Spirit is a priest ritual that reanimates the corpse of a dead opponent, causing them to reequip their armour and fight alongside the priest.


This ritual costs 120 GP, and is not performed on anything, although it affects human corpses in the room.

It requires the powers of speech, movement, and sight.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.special, faith.rituals.misc.area, and faith.rituals.defensive.area.


  • A holy symbol
  • A prayer book containing the prayer "Piercing the Veil"
  • A dagger
  • A lit candle (which must be lit performing the ritual, and which will not be dowsed automatically)

Performing messages


You speak the prayer of separation.
You hum a hymn of binding.
You heat the copper fighting knife over the candle flame.
You carve a glyph into the decapitated corpse of a poor beggar with the copper fighting knife.


The decapitated corpse of a poor beggar crumbles to dust, seemingly drained of something vital.


You feel weakened from the strain of trying to bring back the dead.

Note: Failing badly enough, such that you get this message instead of the generic ritual failure message, damages your constitution.

What others see

Details needed.


Spectres will automatically assist you in combat (after ten seconds or so), but if you want them to protect you, you'll need to order them to do that specifically.

They cannot be healed in the normal fashion, but you can "feed" gp to them to heal them:

feed <spectre> fully                      
feed <positive number> {gp|gps|guild points} [to] <spectre> 

It seems to be possible to do this even when they're not wounded--the effect of this is unknown.research


Spectres can last a fairly long time if not killed or dismissed, thirty-five minutes or so. It's unknown whether this is skill-based, or whether feeding the spectre gp affects this.


It looks like this when the spectre's time runs out:

The groaning spectre fades nearly to nothingness as it prepares to depart.
The groaning spectre groans.
The groaning spectre dies.
The groaning spectre shimmers and fades from existence.


This ritual cannot be bestowed as a ward.


If you try to summon another minion while controling a spectre, you can lose control of the spectre, causing it to turn on you. Unlike dooms, they will not leave after getting in a few hits, but will follow you around attacking you for a few minutes.research You won't be able to order them to leave at this point, although losing them may or may not work.research

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