Unnamed Continent

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Unified terrains map of the entire playable Disc, compiled by Quow in 2018 for the Cow bar v3.6 "Explorer's Edition" update to the plugins, for complete mapping around the entire Disc.

The Unnamed Continent is the large landmass or supercontinent on Discworld that ranges from Klatch, the Tezumen Empire, Muntab, the Great Outdoors, Brindisi, Kythia, the Vortex Plains, Nothingfjord, the Ramtops, the Chalk, the Sto Plains, the Vieux River and everything in between.

The few areas that are not on the Unnamed Continent are:

  • the Counterweight Continent with the Agatean Empire, although it is attached to the Unnamed Continent by a long narrow isthmus;
  • Krull on the Rim;
  • the Betrobi Islands, closest area to the Isle of Tonahamen;
  • Fourecks (XXXX, Terror Incognita);
  • the Land of Fog;
  • Bhangbhangduc;
  • Brown Islands;
  • and more islands you've probably never heard about unless you searched for it specifically.