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Covert.stealth.underwater is the skill used when sneaking or being otherwise sneaky underwater.


  • This skill determines if potential anglers are noticed by the blowfish in the pond in the ninja guild.
  • When moving while sneaking, this skill is checked against anyone in the room's adventuring.perception to determine whether they saw you move or not. It does not determine their ability to actually see you in the room, however, as that is decided by covert.hiding.person.
  • Case <living> uses this. The stealth check (for whether they see you) is separate from the casing check so normally you tm stealth from people that you can't quite actually case. Imperial guards in BP are some good targets for post guildmax stealth tm's.
  • Peek <living> uses this. It tms well especially if you try to peer while hidden or faded.
  • Chop inhume, a speciality of the Ninja, uses this against the victim's adventuring.perception.
  • Unhide
  • Abscond
  • Backstab <living>
  • Ambush <living>

Of course, only when doing all of these things underwater. Inside is covert.stealth.inside and outside is covert.stealth.outside.


No groups have this skill as a primary.

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken, sneak level, burden, light level