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God information
Areas Djelibeybi
Priests' Alignment Neutral
Major Shield a fine mist of sweat
Holy symbol

Finger information

Ugizalizai, Lion-Headed God of Warriors.

Ugizalizai is the Lion Headed God of Warriors.  He does not demand much from his followers, merely that they die bravely, and preferably violently, in battle.  At least, this is what many great philosophers have reasoned; since all the ancient manuscripts have ever recorded Him saying is 'Ug!', and on one occasion 'Ugug-ug!'.  This is what gives Him His name, which in an ancient dialect of Djelian means, "He who says 'Ug'".

He currently can't be worshipped.

References in game

  • A banner depicting him hangs in the Hall of Warriors over the throne, in the Djelian Guard guild house, and a statue of him is in the entrance.