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Log of talker chat before and after the July 9th Rollback:

(#One) * Beale puts down the chainsaw and looks suspicious.
[20:21:54] (#One) (Starker) Largely, yes.
[20:22:07] (#One) (Hafia) it's not so fun if it's millions
[20:22:09] (#One) (Emrys) most humans don't kill people for fun anymore
[20:22:11] (#One) (Vengence) yeah now we kill eachother for XPz noob
[20:22:22] (#One) (Emrys) actually kill, i mean
[20:22:38] (#One) * Vengence visits lanfear
[20:22:53] (#One) (Emrys) In part because of the incentives, now with trade and capitalism, others succeeding contributes to our own success
[20:08:12] (#One) (Emrys) in tribal cultures there was also trade and such, but it was far less interwoven
[20:08:34] (#One) (Emrys) and you had a much stronger them/us division as a result, imo
[20:08:52] (#One) (Tossan) That worked out excellently btw
[20:09:22] (#One) (Emrys) um nationalism isn't new
(One - 21:00) Fear wisps: Any particular reason why my alt got deleted?
(One - 21:00) Vengence wisps: Yeah I heard they were moving on Attumen next
(One - 21:00) Wallsy wisps: The creators hate you, Fear.
(One - 21:01) Viviene wisps: Likely it didn't have enough age to withstand NEGLECT
(One - 21:01) Wallsy wisps: Or maybe you didn't log in enough or something.
(One - 21:01) Narayan wisps: I think he has to be alive for an hour right?
(One - 21:01) Wallsy wisps: How is channel One supposed to know?
(One - 21:01) Fear wisps: Er.
(One - 21:01) Fear wisps: My alt being Thakh.
(One - 21:01) Trix wisps: Meep
(One - 21:01) Seirou wisps: Bwaha. ;)
(One - 21:17) Leyan wisps that he is happy to be naught but a bum then.
(One - 21:17) Trix wisps: Ok, I'll just stand here and cower in place, then
(Warriors - 21:17) Murder wisps: What do I need in order to make a quilt?
(One - 21:18) QBall wisps: By that logic if you're a gamer you would have a belief that computers were invented in the 1400s
(One - 21:18) Leyan wisps: Leo did have some interesting sketches of automatons, but maybe I am pondering the wrong century.
(One - 21:18) Wallsy wisps: And humans sent a manned mission to Alpha Centauri in the 1800s.
(One - 21:19) Seirou wisps: You've been playing on easy level again, you two...
(One - 21:19) QBall wisps: And that UN resolutions are so binding you can't break them
(One - 21:19) Leyan wisps: Anyhoo, all we need is gunpowder and invention!
(One - 21:19) Wallsy wisps that he was playing on King.
(One - 21:20) Seirou wisps: Anyways, that's why I referred to Victoria, it's less Silly that way.
(One - 21:20) Wallsy wisps: That's not easy, it's 4/6.
(One - 21:20) Seirou wisps: Victoria is still the only game in which the internal affairs of a state are so interesting you can completely forget to invade anybody...
(One - 21:21) Wallsy wisps: Also, it's so annoying how aliens keep invading us and we have to send one brave, heroic guy out to stop them.
(One - 21:21) Leyan wisps: You didn't play Yes Minister, I suppose?
(One - 21:21) QBall wisps: Anyway saying that just because you can't get nationalism until a later era in Civilisation, nationalism is a new concept is retarded.
(One - 21:21) Wallsy wisps: It was pretty cool how that one US soldier single-handedly won WW2 though.
(One - 21:21) Wallsy wisps: It was pretty cool how that one US soldier single-handedly won WW2 though.
(One - 21:22) Fear wisps: Right, this would be the time to suggest that people don't panic.
(One - 21:22) QBall wisps: He won WW 2 single handedly several times, not just once.
(One - 21:22) Seirou wisps: Well I could have said that I've read that nationalism came about only in the late 18th and early 19th century, but that would have been BORING, so I didn't. :p
(One - 21:22) Leyan wisps: Everyone knows that nationalism, much like communism is never worth it. (One 18:30) emRYs wisps: wait yes I am wrong
(One - 21:23) Tossan wisps: Is a'tuin alright?
(One - 21:24) Phrynicus wisps: Not entirely, I suspect.
(One - 21:24) Wallsy wisps: With the way people seem to be being deleted at random, I'm guessing no.
(One - 21:24) Seirou wisps: Better than ever. He's deleted Thakh and Abhishek. :D
(One - 21:24) Fear wisps: And Grimrak, hooray!
(One - 21:24) Seirou wisps: ...seems to have missed Wallsy...
(One - 21:24) Tossan wisps: Deleted?
(One - 21:24) Phrynicus wisps: Reeeemoved.
(One - 21:24) Rimbaud wisps that he :O
(One - 21:24) Fear wisps: Please, Annihilated is such an ugly word, let's say Deleted.
(One - 21:24) Tossan wisps: Did they do something bad?
(One - 21:24) Starker wisps: And Maelin.
(One - 21:25) Seirou wisps: Ooh, Maelin was a good hit. Well done, that turtle.
(One - 21:25) Tossan wisps: Or did they just fall off?
(One - 21:25) Vengence wisps: yeah deleted all agnostics. It's time to choose a god :(
(One - 21:25) Wallsy wisps: Maelin's definitely an atheist.
(One - 21:25) Tossan wisps that she prays to Hat for a really big hat to hide under
(One - 21:25) Leyan wisps: Bugger all gods if they can't see how groovy a man is in his heart!
(One - 21:25) Wez wisps: Woah! Mango was deleted?
(One - 21:25) Wallsy wisps: Bugger, Drago's still here. :-(
(One - 21:25) Fear wisps: Since the High Priest of Hat got deleted, I wouldn't say it's a good bet.
(One - 21:25) Leyan wisps: Who said that?
(One - 21:25) Tossan wisps that she eeks
(One - 21:25) Pit wisps: Oh gods.
(One - 21:26) Fear wisps: O HAI, Pit
(One - 21:26) cinnamon wisps: At least it was Unexpected, Thakh.
(One - 21:26) Dphyre wisps: hell, he didn't even get ten days did he?
(One - 21:26) Eviscerator wisps: Pit! The mud broke :(
(One - 21:26) Phrynicus wisps: Fix it, quick!
(One - 21:26) Pit wisps: But fortunately Arwyn has been online all along to help you. :)
(One - 21:26) Arwyn wisps that she snuggles.
(One - 21:26) Vengence wisps: she poked me with a pin :(
(One - 21:27) Seirou wisps: Just be glad she didn't poke you with a Tulip.
(One - 21:27) Fear wisps: Well according to Arwyn at least the deletings (or some of them, at least) weren't deliberate.
(One - 21:27) Vengence wisps: yeah if you put it that way....
(One - 21:27) Seirou wisps: Bah. And we were getting our hopes up and everything...
(One - 21:27) Wez wisps: Where is my main character? :(
(One - 21:27) Fear wisps: That doesn't mean it's not permanent!
(One - 21:27) Seirou wisps that he was sure the Disc had a kill list, characters to be the first ones against the wall when the revolution comes.
(One - 21:28) Wallsy wisps: I'm guessing someone's earned a huge number of Lor Points.
(One - 21:28) Phrynicus wisps: It was decided that he smelt, so was deleted forthwith.
(One - 21:28) Greeble wisps: little bobby tables, we call him
(One - 21:28) Dphyre wisps: desperate, he's gone! fix him!
(One - 21:29) Seirou wisps: It's OK, my characters are still there, you don't have to be that nice. I'd say use more the voice of Terrible Authority and issue statements like "There Will Be No Refunds!"
(One - 21:29) Seirou wisps: It's OK, my characters are still there, you don't have to be that nice. I'd say use more the voice of Terrible Authority and issue statements like "There Will Be No Refunds!"
(One - 21:29) Starker wisps that he smells a rollback.
(One - 21:29) Seirou wisps: Yaay. Rolling is always fun. ;)
(One - 21:30) Vengence wisps that he discourages you to make characters with names identical to deleted ones as practical jokes
(One - 21:30) Seirou wisps: (although without a katamari it isn't quite the same)
(One - 21:30) Seirou wisps that he wonders how much Arwyn has to pay in order to use such trademarked expressions.
(One - 21:31) Tossan wisps: At least it's not lagging
(One - 21:31) Tossan wisps: Oups.. shouldn't have said that.
(One - 21:31) Caya wisps: odd... all of a sudden people started leaving groups O_o
(One - 21:31) Vengence wisps: I lag you good soldier boy!
(One - 21:31) Narayan wisps: You bastard
(One - 21:31) Seirou wisps: Jinx!
(One - 21:32) Tony wisps: I think we're off again
(One - 21:32) Narayan wisps: hehe
(One - 21:32) Wallsy wisps: Kana's gone too.
(One - 21:33) Fear wisps: I wonder what it was based on.
(One - 21:33) Wallsy wisps that he picked a good night to stay awake. I'd hate to have missed this. :-)
(One - 21:34) Vengence wisps: yeah you didn't have a mud marathon planned right?
(One - 21:34) Pit wisps: It's a good timing.
(One - 21:34) Pit wisps: For me, that is.
(One - 21:35) Caya wisps: watching people leave a group is a good way to know who got deleted :p
(One - 21:35) Pit wisps: Because I won't be there the next couple of days to clean up any consequences. :P
(One - 21:35) Pit wisps: Because I won't be there the next couple of days to clean up any consequences. :P
(One - 21:35) Pit wisps: Are you passing it all on to Arwyn?
(One - 21:35) Caya wisps: yep :p probably annoying her too :p
(One - 21:35) Seirou wisps: Now would be a good time to get really enthusiastic about some game, then, I suppose... ;)
(One - 21:36) Arwyn wisps: No, not annoying me, so don't be surprised if I don't reply, just busy. ;p
(One - 21:37) Lanfear wisps: Today on Jerry: He slept with his
[first] cousin
[who he wants to marry] with a tranny
(One - 21:37) Lanfear wisps that she cheers America.
(One - 21:37) Wallsy wisps: Today on Discworld: Random player deletings!
(One - 21:37) Starker wisps: That's a joke, right?
(One - 21:38) Lanfear wisps that she eeks.
(One - 21:38) QBall wisps:
[Expletive Deleted] Yeah?
(One - 21:38) Wallsy wisps: Nope. "finger maelin" or Grimrak or Kana or Abhishek.
(One - 21:38) Phrynicus wisps: Creators, too ;Pe
(One - 21:39) Lanfear wisps: They finally got rid of Maelin! Wow. I'm surprised about the rest though ;)
(One - 21:39) Lanfear wisps: They finally got rid of Maelin! Wow. I'm surprised about the rest though ;)
(One - 21:39) Seirou wisps: Missed a lot of good targets, tho. Wallsy. Emrys. SiIlaan. Me.;)
(One - 21:39) Gouzz wisps that he grins.
(One - 21:40) Lanfear wisps: Thank goodness for backups :)
(One - 21:40) QBall wisps: But Wallsy is here, Wallsy is always here, no mere crash can delete Wallsy, with his armour of vicious burning hated
(One - 21:40) Seirou wisps: Vicious, misguided, burning hatred.
(One - 21:40) Xola wisps: it took ages for the mud to come back up
(One - 21:40) QBall wisps: hatred*
(One - 21:40) Seirou wisps: He's not only hateful, he's also hating the WRONG thing. ;)
(One - 21:40) Seirou wisps: +s
(One - 21:40) Fear wisps: It would be rather hilarious if it was permanent.
(One - 21:40) Xola wisps: longer than the times before
(One - 21:40) Xola wisps: not really that would be sad
(One - 21:41) Xola wisps: have you tried the other muds before you say that? lol :)
(One - 21:41) Wallsy wisps: It's not misdirected, it's omnidirected.
(One - 21:41) Seirou wisps: Not so. You don't hate DX2.
(One - 21:41) Wallsy wisps: Speaking of people we'd be better off without, I see you're still here Xola.
(One - 21:41) Wallsy wisps: Speaking of people we'd be better off without, I see you're still here Xola.
(One - 21:42) Seirou wisps: Who's Xola?
(One - 21:42) Caya wisps: lots of thieves and assassins gone O_o
(One - 21:42) Wallsy wisps: Lies, Seirou. I merely hate it less than other things so it looks like liking it by comparison.
(One - 21:42) Seirou wisps: Ah, on the ignore list. Right. ;)
(One - 21:42) QBall wisps: Someone we all have on ignore
(One - 21:42) Xola wisps: wallsy, look at the stick in your own eye.... i think far more people'd want you gone, you're just a troll
(One - 21:42) Xola wisps: and a damn ugly one too, i saw your blog, you look like something out of lord of the rings with a goatee
(One - 21:42) Fear wisps: Wallsy can be entertaining at times, actually.
(One - 21:42) cinnamon wisps: Shall we have a poll?
(One - 21:43) Seirou wisps: Polly wants a cookie?
(One - 21:43) Greeble wisps: don't poke wallsy, he's got a posse.
(One - 21:43) Tossan wisps: I kinda like both :p
(One - 21:43) Greeble wisps: I guess.
(One - 21:43) Wallsy wisps: A posse? What am I, Andre the Giant?
(One - 21:44) Caya wisps: lets see... so far caught Abhishek, Andrei, Elemos, Mango, Silgni, Grimrak, Zorya, Karlsen, Danduin, Maelin, Lynn, Dinsdale, and Aristophanes... that is al ot of people O_o
(One - 21:44) Caya wisps: lets see... so far caught Abhishek, Andrei, Elemos, Mango, Silgni, Grimrak, Zorya, Karlsen, Danduin, Maelin, Lynn, Dinsdale, and Aristophanes... that is al ot of people O_o
(One - 21:44) QBall wisps: Lies Xola, Wallsy is a troll, yes noone would dispute this, but he is funny, you on the other hand just anger people and complain about pork.
(One - 21:44) Fear wisps: A party posse!
(One - 21:44) Caya wisps: and those are the ones in the groups I am in ^^'
(One - 21:44) Kellhus wisps: I don't see how Maelin is negative though?
(One - 21:44) Xola wisps: complain about pork? lol
(One - 21:44) Wallsy wisps: Caya, you're missing Kana from that list that I know of.
(One - 21:44) QBall wisps: Wallsy is like a smaller non-french version of Andre the Giant/
(One - 21:44) Caya wisps: well... it was in my group notifications :p
(One - 21:45) Caya wisps: I don't have them in my friends' list ^^' I don't know them really
(One - 21:45) Wallsy wisps: I'm not sure if I should be happy, angered, insulted or what, QBall. :-/
(One - 21:45) QBall wisps: Although, as far as I know, Wallsy has never pushed a car over on its roof.
(One - 21:45) QBall wisps: Although, as far as I know, Wallsy has never pushed a car over on its roof.
(One - 21:45) Tossan wisps: Yes! Accepted at Uni. My score was enough :)
(One - 21:45) Fear wisps: Valkyr's gone too, at least something good came out of it.
(One - 21:45) Vengence wisps: yes he did
(One - 21:45) Tossan wisps that she wombles
(One - 21:45) Seirou wisps: Oo, Tossan has scored.
(One - 21:45) Fear wisps: 'ignore cleanup' is a good way to find out!
(One - 21:46) Lanfear wisps: Pite is still here though
(One - 21:47) Surt wisps: Fear, that's a lie, something good had already come when Maelin was deleted :)
(One - 21:52) Surt wisps: Also, if this hasn't been brought up, I had to tell Abhishek on msn that he's deleted
(One - 21:52) Xola wisps: wow, I think the mud's about to die again hold onto your hats o_O
(One - 21:52) Lanfear wisps: Thakh and Elranda are removed from your ignore list.
(One - 21:52) Wallsy wisps: Oh, Unite's still here too. :-(
(One - 21:52) Seirou wisps: You're ignoring Thakh? Hee. ;)
(One - 21:52) Surt wisps: He posed the question "I wonder how this affects real estate.. will everything go back up for auction?"
(One - 22:31) Thakh wisps: How long ago did we back up from then?
(One - 22:31) Epoc wisps: Faaaaar too long ago.
(One - 22:31) Wallsy wisps: I lost 50 levels of ma.po! D-:
(One - 22:31) Epi wisps: woah what happened?
(One - 22:31) Epoc wisps: Like millions and millions of xp.
(One - 22:32) Dmorph wisps: score
(One - 22:32) Nicholi wisps that he sadface
(One - 22:32) Epi wisps: how did this happen?
(One - 22:32) Nicholi wisps: i think i was here almost a week ago :(
(One - 22:32) Narayan wisps: I dont know but my theory is
(One - 22:32) Tossan wisps: Uhm...
(One - 22:32) Beale wisps: Aww, my new idle chasing aliases got removed.
(One - 22:32) Tossan wisps: I wonder why I am
(One - 22:32) Tossan wisps: where
(One - 22:32) Narayan wisps: Around the same time of day for the past week theres been a server crash so im sure they are all related to the main problem. What that is i have no idea
(One - 22:32) Epi wisps: owh my items arent deluded
(One - 22:32) Xola wisps: wow, mega rollback
(One - 22:33) Vengence wisps: oh noes!!!!
(One - 22:33) Thakh wisps: I'm with Narayan there.
(One - 22:33) Wallsy wisps: I'd say it's more than a week by the amount I lost.
(One - 22:33) Xola wisps: refugee chat in case the mud disappears again: http://discworld.imaginary-realities.com/
(One - 22:33) Xola wisps: BOOKMARK
(One - 22:33) Cherttx wisps: aaargh so much sword skill lost
(One - 22:33) Narayan wisps: That news post is a bit devoid of a "were gicing it" or "were working on it" Whats the outlook like as far as the future?
(One - 22:33) Nicholi wisps: i'm pretty its 1 week or less...since i was out of town more than a week ago
(One - 22:33) Nicholi wisps: i'm pretty its 1 week or less...since i was out of town more than a week ago
(One - 22:33) Dmorph wisps: who
(One - 22:33) Avon wisps: about 10 days
(One - 22:33) Thakh wisps: The news post is from the last crashiness.
(One - 22:34) Epi wisps: can this be resolved or is all lost?
(One - 22:34) Narayan wisps: Oh my im level 65? My character was 8 days old now he is 5 days?
(One - 22:34) Tique wisps: Right now, it's looking like this is where we're at.
(One - 22:34) Tique wisps: We've rolled back ten days.
(One - 22:34) Nicholi wisps that he sadfaces again
(One - 22:34) Vengence wisps: oh my god :(((
(One - 22:34) Xola wisps that she cries
(One - 22:34) Epi wisps: farq broke it
(One - 22:34) Tossan wisps: Ouch that stings abit. Oh well. Could be worse
(One - 22:34) Thakh wisps: A few lost levels are really nothing compared to some people almost losing characters whose age was in years over this ;P
(One - 22:34) Nicholi wisps: so does that mean its still not safe to play for awhile :( ?
(One - 22:34) Eviscerator wisps: What happened?
(One - 22:35) Tique wisps: HI THAKH
(One - 22:35) Narayan wisps: Ohhhh i lost my ruby hilted daggers
(One - 22:35) Tossan wisps: Yeah that's true Thakh
(One - 22:35) Xola wisps: Eviscerator: http://discworld.imaginary-realities.com/
(One - 22:35) Cherttx wisps: all chars crrated in meantime are gone gone?
(One - 22:35) Narayan wisps: It seems as though they rollbacked to get the deleted characters back?
(One - 22:35) Nicholi wisps: deleted chars ?
(One - 22:35) Thakh wisps: Was probably the only way to get the characters back.
(One - 22:35) Vengence wisps: there was no backup before the rollback? :(((
(One - 22:35) Tossan wisps: Yeah probably. I'd rather have that than deleted characters.
(One - 22:35) Beale wisps: At least we still have LIFE.
(One - 22:35) Wallsy wisps that he spent had hours numberchasing in the last ten days. :-(
(One - 22:35) Wallsy wisps: *had spent
(One - 22:35) Beale wisps that he had as well. :/
(One - 22:36) Epi wisps: i am nerd raging
(One - 22:36) Beale wisps: (Not with this character.)
(One - 22:36) Wallsy wisps: ma.po rolled back from 300 to 250! :-(
(One - 22:36) Xola wisps: mm same it really sucks, thats a lot of millions :(
(One - 22:36) Xola wisps: not even joking
(One - 22:36) Epi wisps: more than 10 mil?
(One - 22:36) Xola wisps: yes :(
(One - 22:36) Xola wisps: i just had a look at my skills
(One - 22:36) Sidd wisps: Wooah the boards have rolled back too :P
(One - 22:37) Narayan wisps: Damn, i very very much wish to see a message saying were going to get the last week back (3 entire days of character life) cmon everyone lets cross our fingers
(One - 22:37) Xola wisps: abjuring 113 (I got it up 11 levels to 200 today...)
(One - 22:37) Xola wisps that she sighs
(One - 22:38) Sidd wisps that he timewarps
(One - 22:38) Wallsy wisps: It's just a jump to the left...
(One - 22:38) Sidd wisps: Awww the fluff post for me is gone :(
(One - 22:38) Sidd wisps that he :P
(One - 22:38) Xola wisps: who's J?
(One - 22:38) Arwyn wisps: Sojan
(One - 22:38) Xola wisps: ah kk
(One - 22:39) Nicholi wisps: time warpu!
(One - 22:39) Thakh wisps: ...Sojan? I always thought those announcements were from Jesus :/
(One - 22:39) Surt wisps: Aww.. did they HAVE to replace Thakh?
(One - 22:40) Sticky wisps that he woah's: deja vu
(One - 22:40) Sticky wisps: *-'
(One - 22:41) Sticky wisps: Still, went a couple of levels down, but my xp is much higher again :p
(Warriors - 22:42) Fernir wisps: Awe :( I lost about 60 guild levels
(Warriors - 22:42) Fernir wisps that he was working on guild maxing
(One - 22:43) Thakh wisps: How DID the characters get lost anyway?
(Warriors - 22:43) Cherttx wisps: at least I didn't grind all the way to Swordmaster and get reverted. That would have sucked worse.
(Warriors - 22:43) Lanfear wisps: I lost 92 mil *sniffles*
(Warriors - 22:43) Chimara wisps: . . .
(One - 22:43) Thakh wisps: Because I noticed it seemed to have been mostly oder ones.
(Warriors - 22:43) Lanfear wisps: AND Maelin came back :(
(One - 22:43) Thakh wisps: *older
(Warriors - 22:43) Fernir wisps: I'll make sure to spend some XP with you Lanfear!
(One - 22:43) Narayan wisps: Ok according to news theres absolutely no way to get the 10 days back. Which is basically our price we pay for the characters that were lost in the crash or whatever it was today. I cant complain because whats a week compared to the time i imagine were put into the characters that were lost, but nevertheless this is a huge blow to my motivation. I shall see you soon my friends when i get over my pouting
(Warriors - 22:44) Lanfear wisps: Lies, you'll be guildmaxing ;)
(Warriors - 22:44) Chimara wisps: I'm pretty sick of rollbacks :/
(Warriors - 22:44) Fernir wisps: I need more axe :(
(Warriors - 22:44) Fernir wisps: | | axe............. 400 398
(One - 22:44) Sleipnir wisps: Oh wow, this makes me want to kill myself
(Warriors - 22:44) Lanfear wisps: How many rollback have you had?
(One - 22:44) Sleipnir wisps: All my work from the last death... gone :\
(One - 22:45) Tony wisps: Did we revert to a previous state? I think I lost 4 days of my life
(One - 22:45) Eviscerator wisps: Guys, its a game that you play for enjoyment. Some losses are bad, but its not lifeending
(One - 22:45) Fernir wisps: Read "news"
(One - 22:45) Sticky wisps: 'news'
(One - 22:45) Eviscerator wisps: We rolled back 10 days
(One - 22:45) Thakh wisps: Think of it as an opportunity to undo all the mistakes you did in those ten days!
(One - 22:45) Sticky wisps: woohoo, do-over
(One - 22:45) Sleipnir wisps: When all my progress after last death... :(
(One - 22:45) Sidd wisps: Think of all the things you gained! Lost lives, lost items, lost money!
(One - 22:45) Thakh wisps that he decides to stand in his living room facing the kitchen rather than the hallway in his house for the next ten days, that'll be better.
(One - 22:45) Tony wisps: For good, or planning to go back to the last state?
(One - 22:45) Sleipnir wisps: Back to square one
(One - 22:45) Wallsy wisps: But those ten days were perfoct! Puppydogs and sunshine!
(One - 22:45) Sticky wisps: We all lost the level and need to do it again
(One - 22:46) Sidd wisps: And if you havn't lost anything then you're too good anyway :P
(One - 22:46) Cochise wisps: Gumdrops and butterflies!
(Warriors - 22:46) Satsu wisps: wow, talk about rollbacks
(One - 22:47) Sleipnir wisps that he flips out and starts chopping everything to pieces
(Warriors - 22:47) Chimara wisps: Enough to make me want to quit the game :p
(One - 22:47) Cochise wisps that he is choppin broccoli.
(One - 22:47) Thakh wisps that he read that as "chomping", would've been much more entertaining.
(Warriors - 22:47) Lanfear wisps: Really? I can remember only one previous to this one.
(One - 22:48) CherUb wisps: well, I'm glad i wasn't playing my main char the past 10 days :P
(One - 22:48) Cherttx wisps: glad I was actually playing my fun characters instead of grinding with my un-fun ones
(Warriors - 22:48) Chimara wisps: I've had a few :p
(Warriors - 22:48) Lanfear wisps: But then again alcohol has reduced my mind to a sieve ;)
(One - 22:48) Sleipnir wisps that he pounces on Cherttx
(One - 22:48) Narayan wisps: Lucky you GRR
(One - 22:49) Thakh wisps: It's a game, you shouldn't even /have "unfun" characters ;P
(One - 22:49) Cherttx wisps: oh, I started an assassin and had almost gotten him to the run, and he's gooooone. also my priest can no longer resurrect or even cast minor shield.
(One - 22:49) Lanfear wisps: I'm kinda sorry that Bacchus didn't kill me now.. Then I could have said HAHAHA BACCHUS UP YOURS!!!
(One - 22:49) CherUb wisps: hehe
(One - 22:49) Cochise wisps: Hey, you're right!
(One - 22:49) Cherttx wisps: so it's not all sunshine
(Warriors - 22:49) Fernir wisps: We haven't had this one bad in a really long time
(One - 22:49) Cochise wisps that he deletes half his alts.
(Warriors - 22:50) Satsu wisps that he agrees
(One - 22:50) Myra wisps: Uhhh...
(Warriors - 22:50) Fernir wisps: I think the last one was about the same time as the big August 3rd changes
(One - 22:50) Myra wisps: ...
(One - 22:50) Myra wisps: What happened? Is everybody affected?
(One - 22:50) Thakh wisps: It ate /everybody/.
(One - 22:50) Lanfear wisps: News :)
(One - 22:50) CherUb wisps: "news"
(One - 22:51) Cochise wisps: Not me. I have all my levels, a couple of extra lives, a few tencrowns, and an extra quest.
(One - 22:51) Cochise wisps: HAR.
(One - 22:51) Myra wisps: We lost all our recent progress? :-(
(Two - 22:51) Ruedii wisps: Todays secret word is "bug". So if anyone says the secret word, scream as loud as you can
(One - 22:51) CherUb wisps: Noooooo!
(One - 22:51) CherUb wisps that she lost 8 gp
(One - 22:51) Epoc wisps: Il swap you ;)
(One - 22:51) Myra wisps: Its my fault.
(One - 22:52) CherUb wisps: post max gp!
(One - 22:52) Myra wisps: Whenever I get into a mud they die and lose their backups.
(One - 22:52) Cochise wisps: Although I actually did get a life back. So, yay.
(One - 22:52) Cochise wisps: One more step toward a fifth level I'll never get anyway.
(One - 22:52) Seig wisps: anyone have a flat cap for sale
(Two - 22:52) Ruedii wisps: Anyways as you all know I am far superior to even lancastrians at the fabrication of stories.
(One - 22:53) Geryon wisps: This here vmware thingy is working out GRATE :D
(Two - 22:53) Ruedii wisps: It all happened when the Trustees were signing the next in-sewer-ants policy for the mended drum.
(One - 22:53) Myra wisps: The MUD is virtualised?
(One - 22:54) Cochise wisps: If we got a roll back, I think I should get some extra days on my BP weapons permit.
(One - 22:54) Thakh wisps: It is the 29th June, there has been no rollback, we have always been at war with Eurasia.
(One - 22:54) Dphyre wisps: omg! :(
(One - 22:54) Epoc wisps: Is MJ still alive then?
(One - 22:54) Cochise wisps: Nothing new under the sun
(One - 22:54) Sticky wisps that he sniggers.
(One - 22:55) Gnillot wisps: be nice :p
(One - 22:55) Surt wisps: I need attention :(
(One - 22:55) Sticky wisps that he pats Surt.
(Two - 22:56) Ruedii wisps: Tique slipped some frog adhesive on Pinkfish's chair, and it all went downhill from there.
(One - 22:56) Sticky wisps: (nicely)
(Two - 22:56) Kerrie wisps: too slow :P
(Two - 22:56) Kerrie wisps: bring back sokkard!
(Two - 22:56) Ruedii wisps: pretty soon Sojan spilled his beer on the keyboard, and Atuin screemed about everything getting too hot!
(One - 22:57) Starker wisps: Anyone hazard a guess how much we got rolled back?
(Two - 22:57) Ruedii wisps: then they were all run all over the disc by the gods until the disc turned backwards 10 days.
(One - 22:57) Surt wisps: 10 days
(One - 22:57) Wallsy wisps: Ten days.
(One - 22:57) Lanfear wisps: 10 days.
(One - 22:57) Thakh wisps: It is the 29th June, there has been no rollback, we have always been at war with Eurasia.
(One - 22:57) Starker wisps: Ouch.
(One - 22:57) Lanfear wisps: Read the "news" :)
(One - 22:57) Sidd wisps: Read the news? :P
(One - 22:57) cinnamon wisps: "news -1"
(One - 22:57) Morpheus wisps: FUCK IT
(One - 22:57) Myra wisps: Agreed.
(One - 22:57) Gnillot wisps that she eyes morpheus
(One - 22:57) Geryon wisps: well said, Morpheus
(One - 22:57) Thakh wisps that he gets popcorn.
(Two - 22:57) Ruedii wisps: anyways, as I recall Bill Gates is to blame.
(One - 22:57) Geryon wisps: However, free mud, etc. etc.
(One - 22:58) Arwyn wisps: As trying as today is, language please. :(
(One - 22:58) Lanfear wisps: Who is "it"? I won't just do it with anybody you know.
(Two - 22:58) Ruedii wisps: I'll let you get back to what's left of your adventures.
(One - 22:58) Sticky wisps: first time ever i'm logging a mud,... the DRAMA
(One - 22:58) Myra wisps: On the plus side this kind of thing generally gets people to do a better backup :-)
(One - 22:58) Geryon wisps: You have to have norty with Morpheus inna BARREL!
(One - 22:58) Vector wisps: I just got freaking swordmaster
(One - 22:58) Sticky wisps that he holds up a hand and eyes Lanfear.
(One - 22:58) Geryon wisps: Not anymore.
(One - 22:58) Wallsy wisps: Sticky: https://dwwiki.mooo.com/wiki/Ubercrash_talkerlog
(One - 22:58) Geryon wisps that he ducks
(One - 22:58) Lanfear wisps that she winks at Sticky.
(One - 22:59) Grunt wisps: is it normal procedure to go 10 days without backup for this mud?
(One - 22:59) Vector wisps: I've got 30-40 million xp over the past 2-3 days
(One - 22:59) Vector wisps: AND NOW ITS LOST!?
(One - 22:59) Beale wisps: Vandalising the front page of the wiki is not a rational response to a rollback. :/
(One - 22:59) Geryon wisps: Erm... rather, just misplaced.
(One - 22:59) Sticky wisps that he purrs, though I'm not kidding, Ah have proof ;) IT Sticky Rainseeker
(One - 23:00) Emrys wisps: "Rapamycin, a compound originally found in Easter Island's soil in the 1970s (right there under the stone heads) has recently been proven to extend the lives of mice." ... "When tested on mice that had already reached middle age, the subjects treated with rapamycin increased their lifespan by 28-38 percent"
(One - 23:00) Wallsy wisps: I wouldn't call it vandalism, exactly. It seems well-intentioned.
(One - 23:00) Geryon wisps: Our snapshots were happily being sent to "YE OLDE VOID, CARE OF MR. BLACKE HOLLE"
(One - 23:00) Eida wisps: ..................
(One - 23:01) Eida wisps: Wtf, I've lost an entire character
(One - 23:01) Kiirby wisps: Ditto!
(One - 23:01) Dphyre wisps: yeah, sucks.
(One - 23:01) Geryon wisps: C'mon, kids... let's all sing Koom-by-yah
(One - 23:01) Lanfear wisps: Eidla is gone, Maelin is back.. Where is the justice??
(One - 23:02) Geryon wisps: Or scream expletives on the Talker, like Morpheus
(One - 23:02) Geryon wisps that he points
(One - 23:02) Surt wisps: Then again, eida would have the 100k that was transfered back
(One - 23:02) Surt wisps: I have to cry once more today
(One - 23:02) Sticky wisps: wallsy: woah, history, repeating,... drama!!!
(One - 23:02) Surt wisps: I get punished twice :(
(One - 23:03) Dphyre wisps: well hell, im afraid to get xp now, might just be rolled back again, what's the point.
(One - 23:03) Vector wisps: So thats it, thers nothing we can do to get anything back?
(One - 23:03) Vector wisps: My 40 million xp in 2 days is gone?
(Warriors - 23:03) Holister wisps: Well i've just pissed away two days of my life. And not down the pub.
(One - 23:03) Tossan wisps: Can we start playing now? or is a'tuin still having a cold?
(One - 23:03) Vector wisps: More realistically 3 days
(One - 23:03) Dphyre wisps: i'll trade you :P
(One - 23:03) Sidd wisps: No no Vector. It's hiding behind one of these doors!
(One - 23:04) Thakh wisps: Behind two of them are goats though.
(One - 23:04) Sticky wisps: according to the news it might not even be saving now right? or is that old news already
(One - 23:04) Lanfear wisps: That's old news.
(One - 23:04) Kirrby wisps: This is what happens when you stop idling.
(One - 23:04) Lanfear wisps: Although it proved to be a prophecy :P
(One - 23:04) Geryon wisps: I'd have to say, Sticky, that with this empiric field evidence... that no, we're not saving snappyshots
(One - 23:04) Tossan wisps: So we can play with some confidence?
(One - 23:05) Cosaga wisps: My numberchasing nirvana, 150 levels of sword and 400 parry bonus are gone?
(One - 23:05) Cosaga wisps: Gone???
(One - 23:05) Lanfear wisps: With the wind.
(One - 23:05) Finchy wisps: and any quests, etc. it's as if you didn't play for the last 10 days
(One - 23:05) Cosaga wisps: If I can prove I got swordmaster will they do anything about it?
(One - 23:05) Sidd wisps: Of course not Cosaga. They're just waiting for you to get them back again.
(One - 23:05) Lanfear wisps: Cosaga: No.
(One - 23:06) Kirrby wisps: Remember all the fun you had killing and laughing with friends to get them? Now you get the chance to live it again! Be happy! It's a gift.
(One - 23:06) Sticky wisps that he wibbles: Look how youthful I look!
(One - 23:06) Kirrby wisps: And my horrible death to a group of rats is forgotten with it. Hurrah!
(One - 23:06) Sticky wisps that he kills himself with exagerated optimism.
(One - 23:06) Geryon wisps: Hey, Kirrby... yay!
(One - 23:06) Cosaga wisps: Its not a gift: this is bullcrap. Just proof that the disc is being ran by people who have no idea what the hell they're doing
(One - 23:07) Sticky wisps: But they can write one hell of a story though
(Warriors - 23:07) Murder wisps: Well, this is retarded...........
(One - 23:07) Geryon wisps: Again, this is a volunteer organization... things sometimes get f- up... look, it's free. Go pay for Wow :)
(One - 23:07) Emrys wisps: what are you talking about Cos?
(One - 23:08) Emrys wisps: ah did we have a rollback crash?
(One - 23:08) Beale wisps: Well, gosh. I guess running a server, writing a driver, updating millions of rooms, writing hundreds and hundreds of NPCs, and maintaining the whole lot for almost 20 years shows a complete lack of ability.
(One - 23:08) Emrys wisps: oh crap we did
(One - 23:08) Gnillot wisps: no, read the announcement
(One - 23:08) Geryon wisps: 10 Days, Emrys
(One - 23:08) Cosaga wisps: You just would understand how pissed I am if you knew all I accomplished in the past 3 days
(One - 23:08) Epi wisps: yeah, 32 day roll back
(One - 23:08) Emrys wisps: wow that sucks
(One - 23:08) Thakh wisps: It is the 29th June, there has been no rollback, we have always been at war with Eurasia.
(One - 23:08) Geryon wisps: Or me in 10. Lalalala. Back of the crying queue.
(One - 23:08) Emrys wisps: htf did that happen when we backup every day?
(One - 23:08) Kirrby wisps: Cosaga - a number of us have lost entire characters, get over it :P.
(One - 23:09) Emrys wisps: damnit, that was a lot of xp and stuff
(One - 23:09) Sticky wisps: Silly, that was that other 29th of June, this is the next one....
(One - 23:09) Emrys wisps: I'm actually curious how this happened?
(One - 23:09) Sidd wisps: A wizard did it.
(One - 23:09) Sticky wisps: Somebody netsexx0r it out of a cre already....
(One - 23:09) Cosaga wisps: So? You guys should be pissed too
(One - 23:09) Epi wisps: a nest of badgers chewed some wires i heard
(One - 23:09) Sleipnir wisps: Time travelling squirrel cult
(One - 23:09) Formenos wisps: is this likely to happen again?
(One - 23:10) Cholera wisps: I am. I'm glad this wasn't everything
(One - 23:10) Epoc wisps: Yea, in 10 days i reccon.
(One - 23:10) Beale wisps: ... Is Sined still being a character an artifact of the rollback?
(One - 23:10) Sticky wisps: Thursday?
(One - 23:10) Kirrby wisps: Yes Cosaga, you can be annoyed without whining like a child however.
(One - 23:10) Sidd wisps: Cosaga's gone :P
(One - 23:10) Epi wisps: /gquit
(One - 23:10) Kirrby wisps: Sad face.
(One - 23:10) Wallsy wisps: Sined is some random newbie who created months ago.
(One - 23:11) Emrys wisps: crespiracy theory: this was caused by someone who lost a character since the crash
(One - 23:11) cinnamon wisps: It's annoying. But we've had worse in the past. Can't do anything about it through whining. Just get on with it.
(One - 23:11) Sidd wisps: See. Tulip has the right idea :)
(Warriors - 23:11) Lanfear wisps: That was "head" lice *snicker*
(One - 23:12) Sticky wisps: Tulip always has the right idea
(One - 23:12) Cholera wisps: a potato-onna-string?
(One - 23:12) Myra wisps: I'm curious. What exactly is the backup system here?
(One - 23:12) Emrys wisps: "American International Group Inc, the insurer rescued by a series of federal bailouts, may have zero equity value due to the risk of more credit default swap losses and the disposal of key assets at low valuations, Citigroup said."
(One - 23:13) Xola wisps: emrys, this is not the time
(Warriors - 23:13) Epi wisps: anyone fancy giving some advice to make this look better: http://i32.tinypic.com/293u6gw.jpg
(One - 23:13) Xola wisps: take it to debates or something
(One - 23:13) Sticky wisps: I bellieve its something to do with pigeons
(One - 23:13) cinnamon wisps: That newsbot didn't break then :(
(One - 23:13) Emrys wisps: laws
(One - 23:13) Xola wisps: sadly not it seems :/
(One - 23:13) Epoc wisps: We should be greatful. Im impressed we get this game for free, so all told with as much as iv lost, it could be worse.
(One - 23:13) Emrys wisps that he yawns
(One - 23:13) Geryon wisps: Emrys, the Disc needs a bailout :)
(One - 23:13) Beale wisps: Bear in mind that a disk snapshot is different from a local backup - implying that one of the disks has failed.
(One - 23:13) Wallsy wisps: Should we be observing a period of mourning, Xola?
(One - 23:13) Emrys wisps that he gets a bucket for Geryon
(One - 23:13) Trix wisps: Sweet, free crystal ball
(One - 23:13) Xola wisps: no, but people are trying to talk about the mud :p
(Warriors - 23:14) Murder wisps: Add bits of popcorn on the side
(One - 23:14) Extynct wisps that he sobs over his lost eeexxxpeeeeees
(Warriors - 23:14) Epi wisps: okie dokie
(One - 23:14) Sticky wisps: local backup runs nightly round 01am london time iirc
(One - 23:14) Thakh wisps: They're in a better place now!
(One - 23:14) Nicholi wisps: quite a few people lost their last lives as i recall...we should be happy for them :)
(Warriors - 23:14) Murder wisps: hehe, nah, it looks fine.
(One - 23:14) Xola wisps: there's always two for random crap too
(One - 23:14) cinnamon wisps: Does whining count as talking?
(Warriors - 23:14) Epi wisps: ive looked at it for to long, it doesn't make sense and looks bland from my eyes :(
(One - 23:14) Cholera wisps: I remember back in college I was on a mud and they lost eeeeverything.
(One - 23:14) Wallsy wisps: People aren't talking about the MUD, they're bitching about lost xp. ;-P
(One - 23:14) Xola wisps: they have a right to whine, not all of us just sit in a room idling :p
(One - 23:14) Thakh wisps: If it doesn't, (thieves) shouldn't be considered a "talker" channel!
(One - 23:15) Cholera wisps: and then I didn't mud again for a decade
(One - 23:15) Extynct wisps: no chance of any sort of present from the cre's? spose it's too hard to figure out who deserves what..
(One - 23:15) Insanity wisps: We should get some sort of free xp as compensation :P
(One - 23:15) Wallsy wisps: I actually got several million XP in the last ten days, Xola. Spent at least 20 hours grouping.
(One - 23:15) Geryon wisps: DENIED
(One - 23:15) Starker wisps: So is it wrong of me to think this has been hilarious?
(Warriors - 23:15) Brexen wisps: Gah! My wakizashi AND my Djelian spoken mastery.
(One - 23:15) Sidd wisps: Do they really have the right to whine? :P
(One - 23:15) Cholera wisps: that's tragedy for you.
(One - 23:15) Myra wisps: Isn't it possible to rsync the local backup somewhere remote each night too?
(One - 23:15) Thakh wisps: It's not Starker.
(Warriors - 23:15) Brexen wisps: I log off for a day and you break existence?
(One - 23:15) Wallsy wisps: No, Starker, it's hilarious.
(Warriors - 23:16) Brexen wisps: Why couldn't I have joined in?!
(One - 23:16) Sticky wisps: theoretically, yeah ;)
(One - 23:16) Geryon wisps: That depends if you think of Hitler as 'HILARIOUS'
(One - 23:16) Eida wisps: I think the xp I got in that time frame would have been around a hundred million, so not so funny. :P
(One - 23:16) Xola wisps: https://dwwiki.mooo.com/wiki/Talk:July_9th_Rollback
(Warriors - 23:16) Epi wisps: your stinky thats why!
(One - 23:16) cinnamon wisps: Seeing people's reactions is the hilarious part, for a given value of hilarious.
(One - 23:16) Eida wisps: Game might be free but it's still time lost. :P
(One - 23:16) Xola wisps: forum for discussion (probly not wise to use disc forums atm)
(Warriors - 23:16) Brexen wisps that he smothers Epi in his armpit.
(One - 23:16) Gnillot wisps: thing is though, no one has lost ANYTHING in relation to anyone else
(One - 23:16) Xola wisps: click edit at top
(Warriors - 23:16) Epi wisps: mmmm roses
(One - 23:17) Insanity wisps: The NPCs are pulling ahead, Gnillot!
(Warriors - 23:17) Brexen wisps: Trippy.
(One - 23:17) Sleipnir wisps: Not everyone has been grinding for a total of 3 and a half days or game time
(One - 23:17) Nicholi wisps: 7/9...REMEMBER!
(One - 23:17) Dphyre wisps: do we suffer every night through backup lag for nothing.
(One - 23:17) Sleipnir wisps: Or more...
(One - 23:17) Starker wisps: Geryon, do you really want to compare killing Jews with losing virtual stats?
(One - 23:17) Lanfear wisps: I lost 92 mil but gained back my virginity! :D
(One - 23:17) Myra wisps: If somebody were able to offer access to an account on a remote machine would the remote rsync idea get taken up?
(One - 23:17) Emrys wisps: "The Nationwide, the world's largest building society, is now bringing back the dreaded 125% mortgage."
(One - 23:17) Nicholi wisps: lol Lanfear
(One - 23:17) Emrys wisps: "It will only be available to existing customers in negative equity who want to move house."
(One - 23:18) Thakh wisps: That's it, guys, we're officially Godwin'd, you can all go home now.
(One - 23:18) Xola wisps: talker delete fauxnews
(One - 23:18) Sojan wisps that he sighs
(Warriors - 23:18) Epi wisps: can i delude a deluded item?
(Warriors - 23:18) Brexen wisps: No.
(One - 23:18) Tique wisps: Emrys, why aren't you spouting ten-day-old news? :)
(One - 23:18) Sojan wisps: ok, just coz people are suggested all sorts of random things this is the actual facts of what just happened.
(One - 23:18) Emrys wisps: My code isn't on the server, Tique
(One - 23:18) Gnillot wisps: hint: Michael Jackson DIED
(One - 23:18) Emrys wisps: Luckily!
(One - 23:18) Sojan wisps: 1) the disc runs on a VMWare/ESX platofrm - it;s not really hardware specifric anymore
(One - 23:18) Nicholi wisps: Daily backups were a myth created by the jews!
(One - 23:18) Geryon wisps: OMG, MJ IS DEAD?!
(Warriors - 23:18) Epi wisps: okay cool, so if i dont refer to this item as its dubbed name eventually i will be able to redelude it?
(One - 23:18) Djoan wisps: Also, the Titanic Sank.
(Warriors - 23:18) Brexen wisps: No.
(Warriors - 23:19) Epi wisps: no?
(One - 23:19) Krayzie wisps: waaaa, lost so much progress :(
(One - 23:19) Sojan wisps: 2) the underlying disks are iSCSI arrays with multipath redundancy
(One - 23:19) Geryon wisps: Better stop at 1, Sojan :)
(One - 23:19) Lanfear wisps: Gosh, what language is that?
(One - 23:19) Geryon wisps that he hides Sojan in his basement
(Warriors - 23:19) Brexen wisps: Oh, get a witch to mock it or something.
(One - 23:19) Sticky wisps: shuttup, let the man speak
(Warriors - 23:19) Brexen wisps that he has a priest sat next to him.
(Warriors - 23:20) Brexen wisps: Who knows a wee bit. You'll need a witch, in short.
(One - 23:20) Sojan wisps: so several weeks back I had to replace the UPS batteries. in order to protect the disc at that time I took a live snapshot of the disk
(One - 23:20) Krayzie wisps: oh awesome, the point they restore me to is when i died
(Warriors - 23:20) Brexen wisps: Elspeth should be able to give you advice, I don't know if she'll do it though.
(One - 23:20) Sleipnir wisps: lol
(One - 23:20) Emrys wisps: so if you hadn't, the rollback would have been a lot worse, sojan?
(One - 23:20) Sojan wisps: well the disks in reality, the whole system. now normally this isn;t a problem as the snapshots periodically get written back to disc
(One - 23:20) Krayzie wisps: and to top it off, no passage ritual, and diff location lol
(One - 23:20) Epi wisps: guys some urgent news, the guys over at achea are claiming responsibility for this act of terrorism
(One - 23:21) Xola wisps: trolls would, duh
(One - 23:21) Nicholi wisps: ore wa jigoku no terrorist
(One - 23:21) Sojan wisps: so it appears on the 29th something happened that stopped the snapshot flushing the data it was storing to disc, I was on holiday so it went unnoticed
(One - 23:21) Grunt wisps: did this rollback only affect players...but are also bugs that was fixed now unfixed?
(One - 23:21) Trix wisps: Is that why we've been having these crashes?
(One - 23:21) Sojan wisps: about an hour ago that snapshot file filled up the discs it was on and basically corrupted itself.
(One - 23:22) Lanfear wisps: All the code is gone too :/
(One - 23:22) Nicholi wisps: precious code ;-;
(One - 23:22) Grunt wisps: ouch
(One - 23:22) Wallsy wisps: Presumably creators working on stuff have the code on their own computers too though, right?
(One - 23:22) Myra wisps: Wow. What are you using for the snapshots?
(One - 23:22) Xola wisps: this is why you log evferrrything
(One - 23:22) Anton wisps: Good thing I was in glencoe for most of that week then.
(One - 23:22) Sticky wisps that he mourns and poors Sojan a disk saying doodoo happens.
(One - 23:22) Emrys wisps: so the backup system crashed the disc?
(One - 23:22) Xola wisps: on mud client i mean
(One - 23:22) Drakkos wisps: Only occasionally Wallsy
(One - 23:22) Sojan wisps: as a result the _entire VM_ rolled back to the 29th when it stopped flushing the changes back to the disk
(One - 23:22) Insanity wisps: Is there anything that didn't roll back?
(One - 23:22) Tique wisps: I didn't save my recent changes :(
(One - 23:22) Drakkos wisps: All my code is tored here
(One - 23:22) Xola wisps: i still have all my bug reports cos they are in my logs
(One - 23:22) Starker wisps: Thank you, Sojan. Nice to know what happened.
(One - 23:22) Tique wisps: admittedly, it was a sum total of ten lines or something :P
(One - 23:22) Sojan wisps: that includes _all_ the system volumes and other stuff
(One - 23:23) Emrys wisps: ouch
(One - 23:23) Geryon wisps: or rather... *WAS*
(One - 23:23) Xola wisps: wow :/
(One - 23:23) Sojan wisps: now because I;ve not yet started snapshotting the iSCSI volumes I can;t recover them either - it's on my todo list
(One - 23:23) Nicholi wisps: vm snapshots...they are usually nice when you want them to happen :3
(One - 23:23) Lanfear wisps: Thank GOD I wasn't coding anything then :P
(Warriors - 23:23) Murder wisps: Well I gained a life from this mess.
(Warriors - 23:23) Brexen wisps: I lost my boots too.
(One - 23:23) Anton wisps: ... iSCSI? ewwwwwww =P
(One - 23:23) Insanity wisps: Any point doing forensics on the disk, or is it a write-off?
(One - 23:23) Sojan wisps: so basically everyone, you, creators, me, everyone has lost everything that happened in the last 10 days
(Warriors - 23:23) Murder wisps: You never had them in the first place :P
(Warriors - 23:24) Brexen wisps: Custom boots.
(One - 23:24) Sojan wisps: it sucks badly but our best approach is to assume we've all stepped in a time machine and move forward coz we really really really do have no way to get that data back at the moment.
(One - 23:24) Lanfear wisps: Sojan, are things in good shape now?
(One - 23:24) Xola wisps: but you might if you can recover the stuff from the disk that broke?
(One - 23:24) Nicholi wisps: or by the time you got it back, another 10 days would have passed anyways :p
(One - 23:24) Sojan wisps: thwhat just happened won't happen again, lets pout it that way lanfear!
(One - 23:25) Anton wisps: no, the data was never saved.
(One - 23:25) Nicholi wisps: the data is there, it just takes massive effort to recover it
(One - 23:25) Cholera wisps: what about stability in the near term? will we see the wonky uptimes still?
(One - 23:25) Xola wisps: I bet if you started a pot we could sort you out professional data recovery peopley
(One - 23:25) Anton wisps: ... You obviously haven't been reading what's happened ;)
(One - 23:25) Xola wisps: paypal or somethin
(One - 23:25) Geryon wisps: It's not stored.
(One - 23:25) Geryon wisps: it's not recoverable
(One - 23:25) Insanity wisps: You say "at the moment", do you intend to try and recover data? =)
(One - 23:25) Grunt wisps: then the mud would need to close down untill the data was recoved tho
(One - 23:25) Emrys wisps: chat thanks for explaining stuff, sojan
(One - 23:25) Cholera wisps: once a cat loses his hairball gland, it's over
(One - 23:25) Geryon wisps: other than that, the data is fine
(One - 23:26) Grunt wisps: or you would lose any progress you do from now on
(One - 23:26) Sojan wisps: moving forward I'm going to be moving the discs volumes onto s a several terabyte array and I've setup warnings when we hit 75% disk usage now so it's a lesson learnt for me
(One - 23:26) Lanfear wisps: Sojan is it what caused the crashes as well?
(One - 23:26) Xola wisps: ok, most of the technical stuff just went over my head >.<
(One - 23:26) Hasum wisps: Didn't that stuff used to happen a lot in the old days?
(One - 23:26) Nicholi wisps: Anton you obviously don't understand the underlying concepts of how bits are stored on a disk
(One - 23:26) Anton wisps: You obviously don't understand the concept of a VM snapshot.
(One - 23:26) Sojan wisps: well with vmware it's a little different anyhow
(One - 23:26) Myra wisps: What does it use to snapshot?
(One - 23:26) Nicholi wisps: Anton and when you revert a VM snapshot it sets every other bit on the disk (which was previously used) to zero? i don't think so
(One - 23:26) Hasum wisps: (copy on write)
(One - 23:26) Nicholi wisps: the data is there...it would take massive effort to recover it
(One - 23:27) Sojan wisps: the disks are actually container files on another storage - that container file got corrupted and went walkies, hence the loss of data [well actually 4 container files]
(One - 23:27) QBall wisps: A Canon D3?
(One - 23:27) Anton wisps: I would've hoped people would write things that didn't self-corrupt on ENOSPACE
(One - 23:27) Lanfear wisps: Sojan, is it what caused the crashes as well?
(One - 23:27) Starker wisps: Were the crashes we have been having related?
(One - 23:27) Lanfear wisps that she wins.
(One - 23:27) Extynct wisps: so going on the news, we shouldn't bother to do anything to strenuous until told otherwise?
(One - 23:27) Eviscerator wisps: Is stuff saving properly now too?
(One - 23:27) Emrys wisps: pfft vain hope anton
(One - 23:28) Sojan wisps: not that we know of - the crashes were more likely to do with other code changes - it's entirely possible that those have been reverted tho ...
(One - 23:28) Lanfear wisps: Extynct, that was an old news artickle :)
(One - 23:28) Epi wisps: wish me luck on my driving test tomorrow
(One - 23:28) Insanity wisps: Should we go about business as usual for now, or should we avoid doing anything until there's a fix/rollforward?
(One - 23:28) Xola wisps: it was kinda the epic culmination of the few weeks really, there was crashes like every day sometimes more than once
(One - 23:28) Sojan wisps: business as usual now. we're never going to be rolling forward - I just don;t have access to the data without doing bit by bit recoveries.
(One - 23:28) Seirou wisps: Damn. Thakh is back.
(One - 23:29) Thakh wisps that he looms over Seirou.
(One - 23:29) Insanity wisps: Thanks a lot for the heads up, much appreciated =)
(One - 23:29) QBall wisps: How much space does the MUD take up?
(One - 23:29) Thakh wisps: The rollback just keeps getting worse, doesn't it!
(One - 23:29) Anton wisps: how many GB is lost?
(One - 23:29) Xola wisps that she seconds Insanity!
(One - 23:29) Sojan wisps: not much - 5GB or so
(One - 23:29) Seirou wisps: Rolling, rolling, rolling...
(One - 23:29) Anton wisps: a pain to go through though.
(One - 23:29) Xola wisps: hmm but it is recoverable then
(One - 23:30) Xola wisps: ??
(One - 23:30) Wallsy wisps: Xola, no. Not by any practical means.
(One - 23:30) Anton wisps: Though if you ever want to recover DV streams from a corrupted FS, my brother is quite the expert.
(One - 23:30) Starker wisps: Do we get cake as compensation?
(One - 23:30) Hasum wisps: Not without shutting THIS copy down, otherwise you have two things to merge
(One - 23:30) Xola wisps: even experts wouldn't do a "bit by bit" if they were paid lots?
(One - 23:30) Anton wisps: "It might be recoverable" I think is the answer.
(One - 23:30) Chaddice wisps: Argh.
(One - 23:30) Lanfear wisps: Are you going to pay them lots, Xola? :)
(One - 23:31) Chaddice wisps: Why does the mud save in the 2 hour window between my trosuers being stolen and before me buying new ones?!
(One - 23:31) Xola wisps: maybe;o
(One - 23:31) Chaddice wisps: It's a conspiracy I tell you
(One - 23:31) Xola wisps: trouspiracy
(One - 23:31) Cosaga wisps: why the heck isnt a daily screenshot captured?
(One - 23:31) Cholera wisps: a buddy of mine in the photography business had an array go down, cost 'im $5k and 2 months to get the data back
(One - 23:31) Gnillot wisps: we did that especially for you!
(One - 23:31) Beale wisps: It is, Cosaga.
(One - 23:31) Beale wisps: That's what Sojan *said*.
(One - 23:31) Xola wisps: thats not bad that's only like £3 in real money
(One - 23:31) Thakh wisps: So out of curiosity, what "decided" which characters got deleted in the break?
(One - 23:32) Xola wisps: £3k
(One - 23:32) Lanfear wisps: Cosaga is reading everything through a haze of red ;)
(One - 23:32) Trix wisps: No one on my friend list got deleted
(One - 23:32) Thakh wisps that he knows decided is the wrong term.
(One - 23:32) Wallsy wisps: The MUD has achieved sentience and it hates you, Thakh.
(One - 23:32) Trix wisps: hint hint
(One - 23:32) Thakh wisps: Oh that's been like that for a long time.
(One - 23:32) Xola wisps: would it cost more or less you reckon Cholera for this? if you know about the technical stuff?
(One - 23:32) Emrys wisps: any characater made during that time got deleted, I imagine
(One - 23:32) Hannibal wisps: *panic*
(One - 23:32) Cholera wisps: it wouldn't be worth it.
(One - 23:32) Sojan wisps: the big problem with recovering data in an event like this is also the fact that you might not get it all back - the mud stores data in hundreds of interlinked files, we mioght be able to restore some bits and not others and the resluting mess that would create is unpleasant - you;d have people who certian parts of the mud think they have done certain quests and other parts denying all knowledge and stuff like that
(One - 23:32) Wallsy wisps: Older ones too, Emrys. Thakh, Maelin, Abhishek, Kana, etc.
(One - 23:33) Beale wisps: One of my friends who just started playing 2 days ago got rolled out of existence. :P
(One - 23:33) Cholera wisps: by the time you get it back, it's going to be 2 months down the road
(One - 23:33) Xola wisps: ah. :/
(One - 23:33) Cholera wisps: plus how do you integrate the two copies. BOGGLES
(One - 23:33) Emrys wisps: wtf, thakh, maelin, abhi got deleted?
(One - 23:33) Anton wisps: ... and I need to login as a newbie alt again.
(One - 23:33) Tique wisps: oh bugger I forgot emrys
(One - 23:33) Hasum wisps: You'd have to do it object by object....
(One - 23:33) Thakh wisps: Yeah, it was the older characters that got eaten, that's why I'm curious.
(One - 23:33) Wallsy wisps: Yep. They came back with the rollback though.
(One - 23:33) Emrys wisps: if thats true thats fubar
(One - 23:33) Emrys wisps: ah
(One - 23:33) Emrys wisps: that makes sense
(One - 23:33) Sojan wisps: yup - and sometime next year I might get some sleep once we'd finished :)
(One - 23:34) Emrys wisps: I ment lost with the rollback
(One - 23:34) Wallsy wisps: Oh, the rollback only deleted characters created within the last 10 days.p
(One - 23:34) Anton wisps: and characters which timed out within the last 10 days.
(One - 23:34) Hasum wisps: Hopefully everyone who has "log into discworld" written on their calendars notices the rollback
(One - 23:35) Cholera wisps: oh people will log in and start screaming randomly for months, I bet
(One - 23:35) Sticky wisps: anton: got undeleted
(One - 23:35) Anton wisps: no, because they still have timed out.
(One - 23:36) Anton wisps: it's like we rolled back 10 days and then had 10 days of nobody logging on.
(One - 23:36) Thakh wisps: Yeah but what are the odds and would the people affected care.
(One - 23:36) Anton wisps: One of my chars will expire in about 12 hours.
(One - 23:36) Cholera wisps: that's crontab for you :)
(One - 23:36) Cholera wisps: or whatever
(One - 23:36) Hasum wisps: Any way to shift everyone's last login forward 10 days?
(One - 23:36) Sticky wisps: right, its not really the 20something today,.... *doh* are we at war with eurasia though?
(One - 23:36) Anton wisps: but it's lucky I'm on the right side of the rollback.
(One - 23:37) Extynct wisps: so we're safe (enough) to hunt again though right?
(One - 23:37) Extynct wisps: i've got 50 guild levels to get back...
(One - 23:37) Lanfear wisps: Yes.
(One - 23:37) Extynct wisps that he runs around naked screaming: Yayayayayay!
(One - 23:37) Extynct wisps: that's all i need to hear
(One - 23:37) Sticky wisps: 10 days of xp to catch up on, better get cracking
(One - 23:38) Cosaga wisps: Haha, screw this game
(One - 23:38) Wallsy wisps: Oh, goddammit. Elanor's back in office. :-(
(One - 23:38) Sojan wisps: not without potentially breaking every playerfile on the disc hasum
(One - 23:38) Cosaga wisps: its gonna happen again
(One - 23:38) Hasum wisps: hahahaha
(One - 23:38) Lanfear wisps: Hahaha
(One - 23:38) Xola wisps: wizards got owned!
(One - 23:38) Hasum wisps: Yeah, figured
(One - 23:38) Rimbaud wisps: bah i had just reworked a bunch of aliases
(One - 23:38) Xola wisps that she :)
(One - 23:38) Sojan wisps: it's technically possible but the potential for it going titsup is rather larger
(One - 23:39) Sojan wisps: consider this our "dallas bobby in the shower" moment!
(One - 23:39) Wallsy wisps: Although, if she gets voted out again, that's like double the humiliation, so it's not a total loss. :-)
(One - 23:39) Xola wisps: "You could have sworn that your cute cuddly fruitbat just waved a wing at you!" ... and somehow, everything seems hapier
(One - 23:39) Lanfear wisps: FUNNIE
(One - 23:39) Xola wisps: she? no more than Aell... http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a130/tiggum/Elanor2.jpg
(One - 23:39) Emrys wisps: his character is a she
(One - 23:40) Wallsy wisps: Xola, that's my Photobucket account. I know Elanor is male.
(One - 23:40) Emrys wisps: this she is refered to as she, unless she decides to say her charactr is he like groux did
(One - 23:40) Cholera wisps: I get confused, am I a dog or just a person playing a dog? This internet thing is tricky.
(One - 23:40) Anton wisps: can you temporarily suspend chars from timing out?
(One - 23:40) Sojan wisps: that can be done easily enough
(One - 23:40) Emrys wisps: I think i'm going to recode myself into monte python, so I can atleast read my own code
(One - 23:41) Dachion wisps: wow, so glad i didn't log in this week..
(One - 23:41) Sojan wisps: frankly the autodeleter only seems to kick in randomly anyhow :)
(One - 23:41) Anton wisps: (have any timed out in the last day?)
(One - 23:41) Anton wisps: yes, but it always seems to kick in as soon as possible for my chars
(One - 23:41) Anton wisps: I keep having to recreate them :(
(One - 23:41) Dachion wisps that he feels for Sojan, it's no fun being the one with your finger on the button
(One - 23:41) Drakkos wisps: Sojan doesn't have his finger on anyone's bottom
(One - 23:41) Drakkos wisps: Wait
(One - 23:41) Drakkos wisps: Oh, never mind.
(One - 23:42) Dachion wisps that he grins
(One - 23:42) AnnaLenne wisps: what's going on? I"m so confused and I'm scared
(One - 23:42) AnnaLenne wisps: On the bright side, I'm a virgin again! yay!
(One - 23:42) Drakkos wisps: We are instituting an exciting flashback sequence for Discworld players!
(One - 23:42) Drakkos wisps: Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the FABULOUS PLOT TWIST
(One - 23:42) Arwyn wisps: Not for much longer!
(One - 23:42) Arwyn wisps that she sidles up to Annalenne./
(One - 23:42) Xola wisps: lol :)
(One - 23:42) Sticky wisps: You too, woah! Lanfear and AnnaLenne, .. sitting innna tree
(One - 23:42) Insanity wisps: This is the worst april fools ever =(
(One - 23:42) Seirou wisps that he watches a Let's Play of Silent Hill Origins. It's like somebody who didn't understand Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 made a game where it's all SIMPLE... using the same elements... which he didn't understand. :p
(One - 23:42) Insanity wisps: It's not even april any more.
(One - 23:43) Drakkos wisps: You would have just expected it in April
(One - 23:43) Wallsy wisps: It's more surprising in July.
(One - 23:43) Drakkos wisps: It's like how you throw a surprise birthday party for a friend
(One - 23:43) Tique wisps: JULY FOOLS!
(One - 23:43) Drakkos wisps: But you don't throw it on their birthday
(One - 23:43) AnnaLenne wisps: I'm a virgin again!
(One - 23:43) Drakkos wisps: You throw it months before, and don't invite them, and just sit at home drinking whiskey until you pass out.
(One - 23:43) Drakkos wisps: It's kind of like that
(One - 23:43) AnnaLenne wisps: sorry, I am just so thrilled
(One - 23:44) AnnaLenne wisps: You know how some people say they are recycled virgins? :P
(One - 23:44) Wallsy wisps: I love those parties, Drakkos.
(One - 23:44) Beale wisps: You throw it every day, winding back their clocks and telling everyone they know to do it as well.
(One - 23:44) Emrys wisps: now you can lose your e-virginity all over again?
(One - 23:44) Drakkos wisps: The best thing about those parties is the way you show love for your friends.
(One - 23:44) AnnaLenne wisps: No! I'm going to stay an E-virgin and preach wombles and abstinence
(One - 23:44) Drakkos wisps: It's a way of saying 'I am happy you are still alive'
(One - 23:44) Beale wisps: Until they become convinced that they are living the same day over and over again and go completely insane.
(One - 23:44) Anton wisps: I'm not sure if I should be worried.
(One - 23:44) AnnaLenne wisps: oh crap. I have no fruit bat
(One - 23:45) AnnaLenne wisps: and all my stuff is still missing :P
(One - 23:45) AnnaLenne wisps: halp halp, I need a laiason!
(One - 23:45) Gnillot wisps that she comforts AnnaLenne
(One - 23:45) Wallsy wisps: Hang on, I know Shabree's alt, I'll ask her to help.
(One - 23:48) FastJack wisps: was there a rollback?
(One - 23:48) Dphyre wisps: 10 days.
(One - 23:48) Wallsy wisps: Yep. 10 days.
(One - 23:48) Shhasum wisps: see news.
(One - 23:48) Beale wisps: Ooh, rollback got me bonus vodka.
(One - 23:48) Lanfear wisps: I just stepped in some cat puke on my way to answering the phone. My accountant was calling to tell me I owe some more taxes for 2008. All in all I give today a 3 out of 10 :P
(One - 23:48) Sojan wisps: do people actually read the news or should I put it in big flashing letters on the login screen ?
(One - 23:48) Lanfear wisps: Can I have the shiny drove?
(One - 23:48) AnnaLenne wisps that she reads the news
(One - 23:48) Trix wisps: I always read news
(One - 23:48) Thakh wisps: It is the 29th June, there has been no rollback, we have always been at war with Eurasia.
(One - 23:48) Lanfear wisps: Can it be pink flashy letters?
(One - 23:48) Insanity wisps: Flashing magenta on a yellow background
(One - 23:48) Thakh wisps: Who needs to read the news when we have Emrys!
(One - 23:48) Wallsy wisps: I read the nows, but judging by the talker when major changes happen, no, people do not read the news.
(One - 23:48) Myra wisps: You should make news more visible, yes.
(One - 23:49) Zuga wisps: i readthe news and checked how much tactics i lost...20 levels.
(One - 23:49) Myra wisps that she looks stonily at Carrot.
(One - 23:49) Quellcrist wisps: in takes a minute or two for the news alert to pop up after logging in
(One - 23:49) AnnaLenne wisps: oh crap
(One - 23:49) Sticky wisps: ]e1m]e43m]e31m ftw ;) login screen warning: good idea
(One - 23:49) Aurelia wisps: "Here is the most recent news. To prove it, a Trustee will now interrogate you on its contents. You are in the queue, in 87th position. Please wait."
(One - 23:49) Shhasum wisps: hee hee
(One - 23:50) Grunt wisps: they might just missed that there is a 2nd new news
(One - 23:50) AnnaLenne wisps: Poor newbies will wonder where their characters have gone
(One - 23:50) Wallsy wisps: Quellcrist: The news alert comes up immediately. It only comes up again a minute or two later if you don't read it.
(One - 23:50) Roywyn wisps that she grins
(One - 23:50) Shhasum wisps: Make Offler say it :D
(One - 23:50) Hannibal wisps: man, i sucked 10 days ago. no sarilaks, missing half a set of klatchian plate.. 3 imprinted rods poof.. not even 2k hp. *sobs* i don't even have the fi.po to stab anymore.. or the command. bad dream bad dream *tries to wake up*
(One - 23:50) Wallsy wisps: There have been some questions on the newbie channel, yes.
(One - 23:51) AnnaLenne wisps: aww
(One - 23:51) Sticky wisps: Yeah but people don't actually 'see' the spammy news notification, they're used to it, they will see a notification
(One - 23:51) FastJack wisps: think most people skip it anyway. A postal frog would look more obvious but more time
(One - 23:51) Thakh wisps: Remember the server switching times, where people needed to be reminded that We're Not Read-Only Yet every two minutes?
(One - 23:51) Sticky wisps: um, blinky message
(One - 23:51) Quellcrist wisps that she had plenty of time to whine before it came up
(One - 23:51) Quellcrist wisps: (the first time)
(One - 23:51) Wallsy wisps: Actually most of the newbies seem to be taking it well that they've lost characters. A lot better than the people on here anyway.
(One - 23:52) Lanfear wisps that she punches Wallsy.
(One - 23:52) Aurelia wisps: If I were a creator, I'd be annoyed. Goodbye, 10 days of bug fixes :-p
(One - 23:52) Wallsy wisps: See? And I didn't even do anything.
(One - 23:52) AnnaLenne wisps: I was thinking the same thing
(One - 23:52) Thakh wisps: Maybe give a news post an optional "important" flag, which makes the announcement flash in a different colour than normal ones.
(One - 23:52) Lanfear wisps: You WERE.
(One - 23:52) FastJack wisps: yeah considering 10 days is a lot more utility to a new character
(One - 23:52) Starker wisps: Profylactics?
(One - 23:52) Sojan wisps: to be honest from 17 years ob observation [good effing lord, 17 years ...] things like this do seem to affect established players a lot more
(One - 23:52) Drakkos wisps: Ten days of bug fixes and all the new code. But really, that's life - these things happen, and you have to move on.
(One - 23:52) Sojan wisps: I'd imagine it's because you become far more attached to what you've got and it's more of a wrench to lose it
(One - 23:53) Sticky wisps: If I were a creator, I'd be relieved that I spent last week in the sun instead of behind my box, ..
(One - 23:53) Anton wisps: is the code not saved anywhere else?
(One - 23:53) Thakh wisps: It's weird, Sojan, because the old people seem to be the calmest today, probably because they've been through worse already.
(One - 23:53) Arwyn wisps that she admires Sticky's box.
(One - 23:53) Sojan wisps: technically hyes
(One - 23:53) Emrys wisps: yah
(One - 23:53) Sojan wisps: it's saved in the nightly backups :)
(One - 23:53) Sticky wisps: (Sticky's box has SVN ;)
(One - 23:53) Anton wisps: but the player files aren't?
(One - 23:53) Tossan wisps: I bet you panicked a tiny bit when Thakh was missing though ;)
(One - 23:53) Sojan wisps: which are saved to a completely separate disk
(One - 23:53) Adie wisps: I dunno, I can easily leech back the xp I lost with an established character, new ones are painful to start though and its funny how people don't wanna group with you anymore. :P
(One - 23:53) Thakh wisps: I didn't actually :P
(One - 23:53) Insanity wisps: I think the midbies get hit hardest. 10 days to an oldbie is still a lot of xp, but it's a tiny tiny fraction of your overall spend.
(One - 23:53) Tossan wisps: Meh
(One - 23:54) Sojan wisps: problem is as I said earlier - the entire VM rolled back - that means all the disks
(One - 23:54) Thakh wisps that he went ...WTF? but that was it.
(One - 23:54) Tossan wisps: Well its good that they fixed it anyway
(One - 23:54) Cholera wisps: maybe people will be more willing to group, as they'll all be starting alts
(One - 23:54) Sojan wisps: I must talk to some of my team at the office coz I wouldn't want that to happen to a production server
(One - 23:54) Sticky wisps: but yeah, sticky's most up to date svntree is indeed also on the same physical drive as the source tree :s
(One - 23:54) Thakh wisps: Honestly, the thing that worried me was that it was deliberate without telling me first :P
(One - 23:54) Tossan wisps that she laughs
(One - 23:54) Starker wisps: Am I the only one who plays this game for fun, not for gaining a level of some arbitrary virtual statistic?
(One - 23:54) Anton wisps: the nightly backups are backed up to the VM?
(One - 23:54) Krayzie wisps: my mate will be angry when he tries to log in, his char doesn't exist anymore lol
(One - 23:54) Thakh wisps: Nope, Starker.
(One - 23:54) Thakh wisps: But the other kind is far more vocal :)
(One - 23:55) Tossan wisps: I just said something sarcastic on "one" right before it started, so I though. Did I just get IP banned for that little comment.. paranoid as I am
(One - 23:55) Sticky wisps: Nope there's also Thakh Starker,...
(One - 23:55) Anton wisps: I was in glencoe with nearly no internet access last week, so I don't mind much =P
(One - 23:55) Sojan wisps: the nightly backups happen as if the VM is a standalone machine - they're just a tarball. I haven't had time to implement backing up of the undelying iSCSI nodes yet
(One - 23:55) Starker wisps: What a comfort...
(One - 23:55) Thakh wisps that he has a lot more to be IP banned for than you, Tossan, don't worry.
(One - 23:55) Adie wisps: If by fun you mean idling around doing nothing but use the talker, nope :)
(One - 23:55) Roywyn wisps that she plays for fun but is still glad to have spent the last ten days mostly idling and exploring ;p
(One - 23:55) Sojan wisps: once I do we'll be totally immune from this happening again
(One - 23:55) Tossan wisps that she smiles
(One - 23:56) Dphyre wisps: is bop going up for auction again, or was that before this, I cant remember.
(One - 23:56) Thakh wisps: And that's only the stuff they /know/ about :S
(One - 23:56) QBall wisps: Like My grandfather always said, its not backed up until it exists in 3 different places at once.
(One - 23:56) Anton wisps: surely you can just untar a slightly more recent VM +P
(One - 23:56) Grunt wisps: how about boosting all xp from mobs by 10% for 10 days to make up for the fault? ;o)
(One - 23:57) Thakh wisps: That would be unfair to the people that get their xp in other ways, Grunt :P
(One - 23:57) Sojan wisps: nonono - the nightly backups are tarballs of the muds datafiles jsut backuped up to another disc
(One - 23:57) Thakh wisps that he suggests everyone gets a cookie instead.
(One - 23:57) Sojan wisps: they got hit by the same overall snapshot
(One - 23:57) Anton wisps: nothing wrong with tarballs as long as they go offsite =P
(One - 23:57) Starker wisps: I want cake, personally.
(One - 23:57) Hannibal wisps: cookies and general xp boost for some.. little paper flags for others.
(One - 23:57) Sojan wisps: I'm not yet backing up the underlying VM datafiles is what Iv'e been trying to say
(One - 23:57) Beale wisps: You need holographic quantum backups, QBall - it's not really backed up unless it has a probability of existing backed up in total everywhere in the universe.
(One - 23:57) Grunt wisps: umm...okey so boost all xp gain by 10%
(One - 23:57) Insanity wisps: I'm leaving for AvP MUD!
(One - 23:58) Adie wisps: I'm leaving for Achaea!
(One - 23:58) Xola wisps: avmud has a pwipe soon :p
(One - 23:58) Lanfear wisps: okseeya
(One - 23:58) Insanity wisps: Goodbye, cruel disc!
(One - 23:58) Sojan wisps: havenae had time to set it up. I need to get the clustered VM host in place so we can be immune from hardware failure too
(One - 23:58) Thakh wisps: I'm staying but /voting/ for Achaea!
(One - 23:58) Beale wisps: SKREEE?
(One - 23:58) Drakkos wisps: No, INSANITY, WAIT
(One - 23:58) Xola wisps: insanity help upcoming on avpmud
(One - 23:58) Drakkos wisps: Can I have your stuff?? I know there's not as much as there *was*, but still
(One - 23:58) Xola wisps: its gonna be all remade now would be a bad time lol
(One - 23:58) Insanity wisps that he runs away to carve predator runes into his arm
(One - 23:58) Anton wisps that he would've thought a backup of the MUD datafiles would be enough.
(One - 23:58) Thakh wisps: Oh no, Insanity's gone emo :(
(One - 23:58) Insanity wisps: I want a viking funeral, all my stuff goes on a boat and gets burned with me :p
(One - 23:59) Sojan wisps: wodan takes offsite backups
(One - 23:59) Sojan wisps: but he doesn't do them that frequently
(One - 23:59) Sojan wisps: just often enough so we also have a total disaster recovery option
(One - 00:00) Anton wisps: At work we do nightly offsite backups which causes load spikes
(One - 00:00) Sojan wisps: yeah, most sensible organisations do.
(One - 00:01) Sojan wisps: thing is - what you have to remember is DW isn't really a corp with all the time in the world to get stuff setup. We're already running on a setup that completely dwarfs a lot of small businesses.
(One - 00:02) Xola wisps: you should have a paypal button on the website:)
(One - 00:02) Sojan wisps: well - I alsmot installed a fibrechannel SAN at one point purely because it was lying around and noone was claiming it.
(One - 00:02) Xola wisps: you do so much hard work and everyone appreciates it I'm sure
(One - 00:02) Shhasum wisps: Can't take donations directly for legal reasons, IIRC
(One - 00:02) Hannibal wisps: +1 paypal button idea
(One - 00:02) Sojan wisps: we're getting there tho - compared to 5 years ago we're already massively more resiliant to failure
(One - 00:02) Anton wisps: then you have to go through charity faff and stuff.
(One - 00:03) Thakh wisps: Maybe we can make donations to the Sojan Beer Fund, which he, nice as he is, will use to improve his computers!
(One - 00:03) Sojan wisps: yeah, main problem with donations is a) they're technically income which means all sorts of legal faff around tax and stuff and b) a strict interpretation of the mudols licence prevents it.
(One - 00:03) Xola wisps: what's mudols?
(One - 00:03) Sojan wisps: technically you can cover running costs but as soo as you start getting more than running costs it gets complicated.
(One - 00:04) Anton wisps: MudOS, I imagine.
(One - 00:04) Sojan wisps: typo - I meant MudOS, it;s the evolution of LPMud upon which FluffOS was built.
(One - 00:04) Xola wisps: no company owns it right though so you aren't in any danger of getting sued? those stuff are usually built by hackers aren't they
(One - 00:05) Myra wisps: Really I don't think accepting donations violates the license.
(One - 00:05) Xola wisps that she (doesnt mean movie style hackers no)
(One - 00:05) Cholera wisps: do the right thing, not because of fear of reprisal, but because it is just.
(One - 00:05) Anton wisps: It depends on the legal definition of "commercial".
(One - 00:05) Xola wisps: but it wouldn't be for profit anyway
(One - 00:05) Sojan wisps: MudOS - no but any individual involved with it could _technically_ mount a challenge. but frankly I;d be more worried about HMRC
(One - 00:06) Xola wisps: starting a nonprofit is easy peasy
(One - 00:06) Sticky wisps: as long as the money is spent it isn't profit is it? *no idea really*
(One - 00:06) Thakh wisps: HMRC?
(One - 00:06) Myra wisps: As an ex-employee, let me tell you they don't know what they are doing. :-)
(One - 00:06) Anton wisps: Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.
(One - 00:06) Xola wisps: http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/
(One - 00:06) Emrys wisps: xola do you have experience on it? I want to start one
(One - 00:06) Sojan wisps: I already deal with them twice for my personal and company taxes, I really don;t want to have to establish a third relationship for whatever organisation wefound to represent the mud.
(One - 00:06) Xola wisps: not for amerika:p
(One - 00:06) Sojan wisps: Her majesties revenue and customs
(One - 00:06) Anton wisps that he wins.
(One - 00:06) Sojan wisps: and yes, it's still profit technically.
(One - 00:07) Shhasum wisps: Actually, nonprofits can be pretty darn rich
(One - 00:07) Sojan wisps: you're not profiting as an individual since it stays in the organisation but the _organisation_ is still making a profit
(One - 00:08) Sticky wisps that he sighs. oh well
(One - 00:08) Anton wisps: Let's move the disc to an oil rig and claim it as our own country!
(One - 00:08) Sojan wisps: besides, money isn;t really an issue - it never has been for the mud
(One - 00:08) Anton wisps: Rich trustees?
(One - 00:08) Wallsy wisps: DiscworldLand!
(One - 00:08) Sojan wisps: It's time that is the issue
(One - 00:08) Taffyd wisps: didn't you ever wonder why we have you put your credit card in to play?!
(One - 00:08) Shhasum wisps: hahaha
(One - 00:08) Anton wisps that he puts his credit card in Taffyd.
(One - 00:09) Taffyd wisps: what's your ccv
(One - 00:09) Sojan wisps: well it's more that hardware is cheap - especially when you work in the industry like me and can snarf kit from companies that are upgrading and ditching their old kit.
(One - 00:09) Arwyn wisps: CHA CHING
(One - 00:09) Roywyn wisps: What do you mean "my" credit card?
(One - 00:09) Sticky wisps: w00t :) oil rig, seconded, especially if money isn't an issue, though i expect costs to slightly rise, bandwidth from a rig vs bandwidth here :)
(One - 00:09) Anton wisps: I need to work for better companies.
(One - 00:09) Anton wisps: latency will be a bigger issue.
(One - 00:09) Anton wisps: Satellite internet to a rig can't be that bad.
(One - 00:09) Shhasum wisps: Hahahahahahaq
(One - 00:09) Anton wisps: Anyone fancy laying some fibre?
(One - 00:10) Zorn wisps: WoW this sucks!
(One - 00:10) Sticky wisps: WoW sucks indeed.
(One - 00:10) Wallsy wisps: 2010 RigMeet! MUDers laying cable!
(One - 00:10) QBall wisps: I'll be there, with my shovel!
(One - 00:10) Tique wisps: well, they've got to lay _something_
(One - 00:10) Anton wisps: Well, I say that... I still have 7 computers in my room for some strange reason.
(One - 00:11) Cherttx wisps: sell em on craigslist
(One - 00:11) Anton wisps: The ones which I don't want aren't worth selling.
(One - 00:11) Wallsy wisps: Sell them? 'Sif you couldn't find uses for 7 computers.
(One - 00:11) Viviene wisps: I thought I was bad, when I moved I threw 3 out and packed 2.
(One - 00:11) Anton wisps: I still need to something with the 1U server though.
(One - 00:11) Anton wisps: and the P133.
(One - 00:11) Thakh wisps: Start your own Progress Quest Gold Farm.
(One - 00:12) Wallsy wisps that he can't run PQ any more. It keeps throwing up errors for no apparent reason. :-|
(One - 00:12) Anton wisps: I'd use it more if it wasn't Very Loud.
(One - 00:13) Anton wisps: (Anyone looking for PC100 ECC RAM?)
(One - 00:14) Thakh wisps: If we get a few more rollbacks people might be.
(One - 00:14) Pso wisps that she :420: roll back erry day
(One - 00:16) Cherttx wisps: hurukan and unite haven't logged in yet
(One - 00:16) Starker wisps: Ooh -- this is fun... I get to tear up creator cards again.
(One - 00:17) Wallsy wisps that he did about 4 achievements in the past ten days and will have to do them again.
(One - 00:17) Isolde wisps: yeah i need to grope a lot more watchmen!
(One - 00:17) Isolde wisps: and i was so close to 90 agatean, now i can't even speak it hahahah
(One - 00:17) Starker wisps: I'll get to do at least 75 points worth of them :)
(One - 00:18) Tossan wisps: A shop in BP has disappeared
(One - 00:18) Tossan wisps: It was a very fancy one, with nice description and alot of stuff
(One - 00:18) Isolde wisps: eek
(One - 00:18) Roywyn wisps that she :O
(One - 00:18) Tossan wisps: I liked it :/
(One - 00:18) Brexen wisps: I ate it.
(One - 00:18) Tossan wisps that she gnaw Brexen
(One - 00:18) Brexen wisps that he chews Tossan.
(One - 00:19) Brexen wisps: Tastes like rainbow dust.
(One - 00:19) Brexen wisps that he trips out.
(One - 00:19) Tossan wisps: I've ran and checked all the player shops twice now. Not here :/
(One - 00:19) Xola wisps: was it chaser's market?
(One - 00:19) Xola wisps: cos that one was closing down
(One - 00:19) Cherttx wisps: hmm, you can fit a black backpack in a black backpack
(One - 00:19) Xola wisps: it might do it by hard real life dates/times so even tho rollback it's gone
(One - 00:20) Roywyn wisps: Technically I guess that makes sense, backpacks are soft and foldable after all
(One - 00:20) Tossan wisps: Not sure. It had clever names like. "Fancy outfits" and then there were moonlit market clothes and "Delicious lingerie" with more moonlit clothes
(One - 00:20) Tossan wisps: And so on
(One - 00:20) Shumas wisps: You can't fit a *filled* black backpack into a black backpack.
(One - 00:20) Cherttx wisps: hmm, I may need to see how many will fit.
(One - 00:20) Tossan wisps: Maybe it had just started up and the rollbakc undid it?
(One - 00:21) Brexen wisps: It wasn't in that one near the triangular shaped area on the map? With the purple powder description outside it?
(One - 00:21) Sleipnir wisps: I think that was "The Fairer Hex'
(One - 00:21) Thakh wisps: I'm sure when the owner of the store logs on they'll notice it gone :P
(One - 00:21) Brexen wisps that he grins.
(One - 00:22) Roywyn wisps that she would hate to be them
(One - 00:22) Brexen wisps: Yeah, it's more fun to be the people watching.
(One - 00:22) Pso wisps: Which version of blade runner do I want to buy
(One - 00:22) Geryon wisps: These lag bursts are reassuring...
(One - 00:22) Pso wisps: Directors Cut or Final Cut
(One - 00:23) Tossan wisps: directors?
(One - 00:23) Tossan wisps: For all scenes
(One - 00:23) Tossan wisps: or?
(One - 00:23) Thakh wisps: Hm.
(One - 00:23) Thakh wisps: Someone should recode the LAG npc to be female.
(One - 00:23) Pso wisps: I really have no idea, that's why I am asking!
(One - 00:23) Thakh wisps: And have large busts!
(One - 00:23) Shumas wisps: Whoops
(One - 00:23) QBall wisps: The Mega Tiger Super Version.
(One - 00:23) Shumas wisps: Just filed a typo as a bug, grrrr
(One - 00:23) Isolde wisps that she laughs at Thakh.
(One - 00:23) Shumas wisps that she smacks herself for not paying attention
(One - 00:24) Zacbrain wisps: I've only been playing for about a month, so basically I just lost a 3rd of all of my existence
(One - 00:24) Krayzie wisps: my mate lost his entire character :)
(One - 00:24) Zacbrain wisps: that stinks
(One - 00:24) Krayzie wisps: he doesnt know it yet lol
(One - 00:25) Anton wisps: I need a bigger desk.
(One - 00:25) Brexen wisps: Well, I've lost the 30 language TMs between spoken and written :S But I guess it happens. It's a lot better than having no Disc working at all.
(One - 00:25) Faola wisps: The only good thing about this rollback is now I didn't die that death and can get the time-since-death achievements faster. :P
(One - 00:25) Gnillot wisps that she cheers Brexen
(One - 00:25) Dphyre wisps: how will this effect people that we're suspended, if any?
(One - 00:26) Pso wisps: They'll be unsuspended
(One - 00:26) Pso wisps: ALL EFFECTS MUST GO
(One - 00:26) Brexen wisps: I've been drinking so I'm an optimist at the moment.
(One - 00:26) Gnillot wisps: we'll re-suspend them as and when we have time to go through our logs to see what we did to who
(One - 00:26) Gnillot wisps: (I think)
(One - 00:26) Cherttx wisps: I think I'm going to go drink now.
(One - 00:26) Cherttx wisps: not because of this, I just like drinking
(One - 00:26) Isolde wisps: get me one while you're at it
(One - 00:26) Xola wisps: Swallows family name got banished in a bugge! :O
(One - 00:26) Thakh wisps: All you people that are happy about not having died have obviously never seen FINAL DESTINATION!
(One - 00:26) Brexen wisps: *Hic*
(One - 00:27) Krayzie wisps: wish it coulda happened before my other char died for last time...
(One - 00:27) Tossan wisps: I actually got a life back :p
(One - 00:27) Lanfear wisps: Swallows has been banished for about 55 years now :P
(One - 00:27) Cherttx wisps: glad I didn't do the run with that assassin I started last week.
(One - 00:27) Xola wisps: iknow;)
(One - 00:27) Cherttx wisps that he stares into space.
(One - 00:27) Xola wisps: hmm d'flibble and d'vixen gone too
(One - 00:27) Xola wisps: must be a bug!
(One - 00:28) Beale wisps: Well, you could have lost some lives on it, and then got them back and done it again flawlessly.
(One - 00:28) Cherttx wisps: now I get to have access to the newbie channel again!
(One - 00:28) Quellcrist wisps: n00b
(One - 00:29) Cherttx wisps: well, that other character. And the other one.
(Two - 00:29) Remnants wisps: so I was looking at some tattoos online and i came across a tattoo of what is supposed to be pratchett's Death
(One - 00:29) Pso wisps: so, no one really knows about the differences between final and directors cut?
(Two - 00:29) Isolde wisps: HOW CAN YOU TELL?
(One - 00:29) Cherttx wisps: Pso, if I knew, I would tell you. I promise.
(Two - 00:29) Remnants wisps: it said so in the caption
(One - 00:29) Dachion wisps: got a Sarilak going cheap, need the cash
(Two - 00:29) Remnants wisps: check it out here
(Two - 00:29) Remnants wisps: http://www.contrariwise.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/death.jpg
(One - 00:29) Thakh wisps: I think a Director's cut is usually containing scenes that weren't in the first released version.
(One - 00:30) Pso wisps: http://www.smh.com.au/national/we-have-infiltrated-party-kkk-20090709-der4.html
(One - 00:30) Pso wisps: Welp
(One - 00:30) Thakh wisps: Or, in other terms, "We get to sell the same movie twice if we don't put all the gore in the first time!"
(Two - 00:30) Trix wisps: s'ok
(One - 00:30) Pso wisps: Release the rabid wolverines
(Two - 00:30) Isolde wisps: awww look at the wee little death of rats