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A twisted vine ring is a magical keyring that is created by the Gammer Shorga's Clever Creeper spell.


Twisted vine rings are created when a witch casts Gammer Shorga's Clever Creeper. They must be bound to the wearer for their magical properties to be used.

Casting the spell will reduce the caster's intelligence for some time. This stat loss cannot be remedied with the Restore ritual.

The number of keys a vine ring can mimic appears to vary with the magic.items.worn.ring bonus of the caster.

  • The amount of keys remembered has been increased [1].

The observed range so far:

# Keys Ring bonus
4 282
5 305-337

Mimicking keys

Once the ring has been created and bound to its wearer, they can persuade it to mimic any key in their possession. This is achieved via the syntax 'teach <ring> to mimic 'key'.

Be aware that the process of mimicking a key requires some skill  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore.  in magic.items.worn.ring (a 225 bonus seems enough to succeed at least most of the time), and will destroy the key that it mimics when it succeeds.

If it fails it does not change the key, so you can try until you succeed.

You can see the glances of the keys that are mimicked by the vine ring when looking at it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the description of the key, since only the outline remains. If the key is first deluded to have a name, that name will be seen on the vine ring instead.

It is possible for a witch to teach a vine ring bonded to her to mimic keys and then unbond it to bond it to someone else. The keys remain usable to the new person.

Forgetting keys

It is possible to persuade the vine ring to forget how to mimic a key, freeing a slot for another key.

To do this you have to do:

persuade <ring> to forget <key>

You have to use the exact name of the key as seen when looking at the vine ring.

If there is more than one key with the exact same name the first one listed (which should be the first one taught) will be removed.

Using the vine ring

The vine ring is automatically used when you attempt to pass through a locked door that requires a key it has mimicked. Each use of the ring takes up 20 magic guild points. This does not appear to require a skillcheck.

  • The vine ring has been changed [2] to work even if your hands are covered.
  • They do not have to be worn to be used.

Mundane properties

Twisted vine rings are classified as jewellery, and are made of twine. They weigh 2/9 lb.


Twisted vine rings have the following long description:

This ring is made from a length of vine that has been wound round and round to form a circular shape.  The vine itself is still alive, with small green leaves dotting it at intervals.

Unbonded rings

If unbonded, they will have the subsequent line:

An aura of magical intelligence imbues the ring.

Bonded rings

Once bonded, they have a subsequent line which indicates the keys mimicked and how many can still be remembered. Examples:

The ring could be taught to mimic five keys.
The ring has been taught to mimic a privy key and it could be taught to remember four more keys.

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