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The turn command causes you to face a different direction. This can be useful for navigation in areas with relative exits.

This command can also be used to turn a page or pages of books.

Syntax to face different directions

turn <around, [half] right, [half] left, rt, lt>

If you "turn around", you will face the opposite direction. Turning right or left will cause you to turn ninety degrees clockwise or widdershins, respectively--that is, if you start out facing north, then turning right will make you face east and turning left will make you face west. Turning "half" right or left, on the other hand, will cause you to turn only forty-five degrees in the chosen direction, so that if you are facing north and "turn half right" you will end up facing northeast.

Syntax to use with a book

turn to page <number> {of|in} <book>
turn <book> to [page] <number>
turn <number> pages {of|in} <book>
turn [a|1] page {of|in} <book>

The first two syntaxes will cause the book to be open to a certain page, regardless of what page it's currently open to. The remaining syntaxes will turn one page or multiple pages of the book; e.g. if it's open to page 2 and you turn one page, it will be open to page 3 instead. If you try to turn past the last page of the book, it will close the book.