Tue Fluffy Panda

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Tue Fluffy Panda takes care of the distillery inside the McSweeney Conservatory.

She is the witch npc of the McSweeney family, she allows witches of that family to advance.


Tue Fluffy Panda sways before you, a rather podgy woman with a well-rounded bottom and a plump, purple face.  Her only attractive quality is a set of sweet little dimples.  Something about her soft gaze seems superficial - you can only imagine what growing up with a name like hers will do to a person, though she really looks more like an eggplant than a panda.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
A vast swarm of sickly white winged termites is circling about her.
Wearing : a pair of tabi, a pair of geta, a watery blue kimono, a light blue silk backpack and a McSweeney family crest.
Her purse is home to only moths!


She watches over the distilling process.