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Creature Tanning Info
Creature information
Group Type I Fish
Group Type II Salmonid
Aggressive No
Pursues No
Special Harvest None
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Creature information
Skin Type Scales
Size 6" x 6"
Weight (fresh) 5 lbs (Bes Pelargic)
2 lbs (Ramtops)
Weight (tanned) 2 lbs (Bes Pelargic)
<1 lb (Ramtops)


Adjectives (i.e., "green" or "fluffy") not included

  • Trout


  • Bes Pelargic - Tuna Bay
  • Upper Ramtops - Pictsie Barrow Lake, Rivers, Lancre Pool


Descriptions are example(s) from a single individual. Variations may be numerous, and dependent upon species, gender, age, location, and other variables.

Trout - Bes Pelargic (Tuna Bay)

This is a miserable looking trout. Not graced with the colourful scales of its rainbow brethren, this fish has to make do with its drab grey scales, large bulging eyes and downturned mouth. The look in its eye is almost pleading for a local fisherman to put it out of its misery.

  • Alignment: Neutral

Trout - Upper Ramtops

This is a fairly small freshwater fish, native to the rivers near the Ramtops. She appears to be quite content swimming about, swallowing bits of stuff floating downstream.

  • Alignment: Neutral


  • None

Special Notes

  • None


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