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The treasure chest allows players to set up their own treasure hunts. The chest can be filled and buried. A password can be set. The chest lasts approximately one week from the date when it is first buried.

Players can then be given clues to the chest's location. They will need a shovel to uncover the chest and if a password has been set, they will need the password to open the chest. Anyone can refill the chest and rebury it in the same location.

Long Description

A small treasure chest, made from sapient pearwood. It wears an eye-patch and is leering at you suspiciously. It has clearly not been in the ground for any extended period. Its lid is shut, although not apparently locked.


The treasure chest is about nine inches long and about a foot wide. It is made of sapient pearwood and looks like you could hold it. It can hold about 3 pounds, or about twenty items. It has clearly not been in the ground for any extended period.


less than a pound


When purchased, the treasure chest contains a piece of writing paper. This may be used by the owner of the chest to write a message or instructions for the person who digs up the chest. The message is written on the piece of writing paper, and then the owner can glue <paper> into <chest>.

This can be done only once.


The treasure chest can be locked by its owner (to keep it secret, keep it safe!) by setting a password with this syntax:

set password <text> for <chest>

The chest's password may be changed by its owner with reset password for <chest>

Treasure chests may be (un)locked with a password that is spoken to the chest:

speak <password> to <chest>


The command to bury a treasure chest is cache <chest>. Only the purchaser of the chest can initially cache the chest in a room. Not all rooms are suitable for burying treasure chests, but chests can be cached in many indoor rooms.


Provided that a person has a suitable shovel, they can dig for treasure in the room containing the chest, which will reveal the chest. At this point, the person can unlock the chest if they know the password and open an unlocked chest.


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