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Discworld is a huge place, and knowing how to get around is important. There are many ways to get around the disc, each with advantages and disadvantages. This page serves to give basic information on the various types of travel available to players.


By far the quickest and easiest way to travel long distances is using the various methods of teleportation available to players.

Method Native Guild Possible for other guilds
Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel Wizards Yes (scrolls)
Divine Hand Priests Yes (faith rods) except witches and wizards
Visit Hat Priests Yes (faith rods) except witches and wizards
Broomstick Witches No
Arcane Transport NPC Usable by everyone

Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel

Wizards are able to enchant jewellery and enchant rocks to remember a room (creating a blorple), and can then cast Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel on a blorple to open a temporary one-way link to the room. Non-wizards with sufficient magic skills are able to cast Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel from scrolls made by wizards. Anybody in the room where a portal is opened can use it.

Blorples can be exchanged between wizards, and are often sold in player shops.

For more information, see Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel.

Divine Hand

Similar to blorples, Priests can perform remember place on most items, as long as they are consecrated to their god. Priests can then perform Divine Hand on these items, allowing them (and anyone following them) to move into their deity's passage room, and then straight into the room linked to their item. Non-priests with sufficient bonus are able to perform Divine Hand with the help of a properly prepared faith rod, and will also cost deity points. All performers of the ritual must have a holy symbol. Unlike Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel, only the performer of the ritual and anybody following them can make use of the teleport.

Unlike blorples, items affected by remember place are personal and cannot be shared between players. Non-priests are required to make their own items with remember place, and will need a faith rod with remember place to do this.

It is worth noting that obtaining and maintaining a usable faith rod can be excessively expensive for non-priests.

For more information, see Divine Hand.


Hat Priests can use the visit ritual to be teleported straight to a random player on the disc. There is no way to target this ritual, and it can often end up placing the user in dangerous situations. Non-Hattians can use a faith rod to make use of this ritual. Performers of the ritual must have sufficient faith.rituals.misc.self, a holy symbol and some alcohol.

This ritual is a good way to obtain the misportalling achievements, but as with Divine Hand, faith rods can be expensive for non-hattians wishing to use the ritual many times.

For more information, see Visit


Witches can use their broomsticks to fly to many named NPCs around the disc. The broomstick requires fuel (in the form of guild points). Sufficient adventuring.direction skill is needed to avoid misfights.

For more information, see Broomstick

Arcane Transport NPC

In major towns, there are NPCs that, for a small fee ($20 for international travel), will teleport players to other major towns. The major towns that contain these NPCs (and are also possible destinations) are Ankh-Morpork, Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Genua and Ohulan-Cutash.

It has been reported that speaking the local language is a requirement (under 36 levels of spoken has been verified to work).

NPC Location Teleport Destination
Ankh-Morpork Stall in Sator Square Mended Drum
Bes-Pelargic Pagoda on Pearl Path, east of Dragonback Bridge Middle Bridge
Djelibeybi Hovel on east part of Road of the Moon Bazaar
Ephebe Rooftop on the east end of Philosopher's Walk Dockside Pier
Genua Stall on Voodoo Lane Centre of the Docks
Ohulan-Cutash Travel agency on Cutash Way Market Place

It is also possible to teleport to the Oasis from Ephebe.

Note: Many of the NPC locations are not currently featured on Kefka's maps.

For more information, see Arcane Transport NPC.

Carriages and Ferries


There are many carriage routes around the disc, and 5 Ankh-Morpork city carriage routes.

A few of the interesting stops on the routes are shown here:

Route Tsort Katch Foreign
Djelibeybi Ephebe Istanzia
Smarl Ankh-
Mad Stoat Brass
Summer Camp
Blackglass Smarl River Rd

/ Kings Road

of Cool
Escrow Bonk Jeune
Winter Camp
Bois Genua
International Express
Mail Carriage
Istanzia River
Smarl River
Ankh River Road
Lancre Kingdom
Vieux River Road

For more information, see Carriages


There are a few ferries on the disc, most being very similar to carriages. Ferries can be found in Ankh-Morpork's east and west ends, crossing the Ankh, and Bes Pelargic's river, connecting the Bad Poo-Ning, Imperial, Sum Bing and the Shoo-li districts.

The inter-city routes are as follows:

Ferry Djelibeybi Ephebe Il-Drim Ankh-Morpork Genua Bois
Circle Sea Ferry
AM-Ephebe Shuttle Ferry
The Saucy Catfish

For more information, see Ferries


There are other ways to travel the disc that aren't as common.


Every town is connected by roads and terrains. It's absolutely possible to walk (and swim!) from Djelibeybi all the way to Bes Pelargic (although it might be a bit difficult or dangerous!). The MUD is in a state of constant development, and not all terrains are currently in the game, or in some cases, accessible to players. The terrains around existing towns, however, are accessible, with the exception of Genua and Bois. Terrains are usually populated with wildlife and can be interesting to explore! Some terrains can be dangerous, with extreme temperatures and sudden cliffs (cliffs can cause a player to fall and take heavy damage, and can be encountered around Lancre and towards The Hub).

While walking around the terrains, players can set their walk mode between walk and journey. Walking is the default movement mode and will move a character one room at a time, while journeying will allow a player to move several rooms at a time. Journeying on a road will follow the road in a certain direction, regardless of bends in the road, but stopping at intersections, while journeying off roads will move a player several rooms in the desired direction.


journey {n|ne|e|se|s|sw|w|nw}
walk {n|ne|e|se|s|sw|w|nw}
options personal travel={walk|journey}

Using the options personal travel setting will allow a player to change the default movement mode (by default this is set to walk).


If you find yourself in or on the surface of a river, lake, ocean or another body of water, you will automatically start to swim to stay afloat and to move between rooms. If you are very burdened and unskilled in swimming you will also sink to the bottom of the water, which makes it hard to breathe.

For more information, see Swimming


You may purchase a mount, such as a horse, which you can ride (among other uses). They are quite expensive, and require a lot of upkeep, but provide access to a fast travel system irrespective of a player’s guild.

Unlike magical & divine methods of travel, they are not ‘portals’ - they are more akin to the journey system of terrains, where you actually traverse the route albeit at great speed. As such they are susceptible to failures during transit, which can leave you stopped at any point on the route. This can be caused by the mount becoming exhausted (mounts have finite stamina, that regenerates slowly over time), being accosted by brigands, etc.

Similar to witches’ broomsticks, mounts can remember only a finite number of places (determined by their traits). Furthermore, and uniquely, the routes themselves must be taught to the horse, in addition to the locations. This is done by manually leading the horse through the desired route, from start to finish. The mount can automatically stitch together multiple routes in sequence, in order to travel between two locations for which a direct route has not been trained (as long as the next route starts in the exact place the previous route finishes).

Mounts can also double as pack animals (with a potentially very high weight capacity, depending on traits) and combat aides.

Travelling Shop

There is a shop that appears and disappears in certain places in the disc, and, if someone is lucky enough to find it, can be used to travel between the shop's possible locations. The shop also has an array of rare and powerful items for sale.

For more information, see Travelling Shop


On the disc, it is well known that books=knowledge=power=(force*distance^2)/time. It's therefore understandable that all libraries are connected by L-space.

L-space can be used by the resourceful, or the downright senseless, to travel between the libraries on the disc. Entrances and exits may be found in Ankh-Morpork, Djelibeybi, Sto-Lat, Bes Pelargic and Genua.

Entering a stationary gap will deposit you next to another gap, which you can use to transport yourself to another library.

Beware that wandering into L-space through the temporary distortions that replace normal exits will transport the player into an endless maze, which can take a very long time to escape from, predicting the exit point from L-space is downright impossible.

For more information, see L-space.


As a last resort, you can call for a fairy godmother to teleport you to your starting location. If you're a very new player, she'll help you out for free. If not, you will lose a life. If you're already dead, she will take a further life from you, teleport your corpse to your starting point, and revive you at your starting point.

If, however, you're stuck in a room with no exits (including hidden exits) due to a bug, she may transport you for free.

For more information, see Godmother.

Blue rings

Twisting a blue crystal ring with at least one charge left by someone with enough skill in magic.items.worn.ring will teleport that person to a room somewhat recently visited by a player or a dangerous area like the Hub. This can get you away from some dangers, but possibly into other dangers.

Related achievements

Travel achievements belong to the exploration category.

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