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Command information
GP Cost 9
Learnt At 25 crafts.hunting.tracking
Skills Used crafts.hunting.tracking
Items Needed None
Guild Warrior

Track is a command which allows you to attempt determine if, when and which direction a player or unique NPC passed through a room.

Command details

The track command requires 25 levels of crafts.hunting.tracking to learn, and is usually taught by other players or some guild NPCs.

Track is only available to warriors, and is pk-checked - NPKs cannot track PKs. Both players and NPCs may only be tracked if they are currently on the Disc--players must be logged on and npcs must be alive.

Each tracking attempt costs 9 craft GP.

Your bonus in crafts.hunting.tracking checked against your target's crafts.hunting.tracking bonus determines your success. Other factors also influence your success - how long ago your quarry passed through the room, their covert abilities, the type of terrain, the use of hidden exits, the number of people who have passed through the room since, etc.

A successful track will give you the exit via which your target left the room, and an indication of how long ago they did so. Tracking somebody who left a room via unusual means (e.g. flying, portalling or passaging) will result in the trail for the person ending in that room.

Failing a track may result in a false positive.

Track message timings

Depending on how much time has passed since your quarry passed through, you will get different timing messages from the track command. e.g. "You inspect your surroundings and have few doubts that <target> went <direction> <timing message indicating how long ago>. The timing messages and timings are below:

- An instant ago < 10 seconds

- just moments ago < 30 seconds

- a very short time ago < 1 minute

- A short while back < 2 minutes

- very recently < 3 minutes

- recently < 5 minutes

- Not very recently < 10 minutes

- An Appreciable While Ago < 20 minutes

- In the recent past < 40 minute

- A long time back < 80 minutes?

- A very long time ago -> ?

Usage tips

  • Save GP by only tracking at intersections once you're on the trail. If you lose the trail, check buildings since the previous intersection, or re-track the previous intersection.
  • If you lose the trail at a high-traffic intersection, try tracking down the streets leading from the intersection to pick the trail up once more.
  • To lose a tracker, try techniques such as passing through high traffic areas, sneaking, using hidden exits, going through water, etc. Or advance tracking or fly/portal/passage.

Skills used

Related achievements

Tracking achievements belong to the warriors category.

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