Tomb-Colony Opportunities

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This page is about the game Echo Bazaar, a browser game played by several delicious MUDers.
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This page contains information that can be considered spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

Tomb-Colonies Opportunity Card List

The following are Opportunity cards offered while in the Tomb-Colonies, a location arrived at when one's Scandal reaches 5. Only cards that negatively affect other Qualities are listed here so that one can navigate their way back to proper society without falling into a pitfall on the way.

Unorthodox technologies

Candle Icon

'Forgive me for committing this to paper, my dear, but I feel compelled to unburden myself. For special occasions, certain of these bandaged lunatics render their own body-fat into candles! 'It's not as if we're giving up our bones,' one of them pointed out. 'We scent them with lilac,' another explained. Scent them with lilac! Now perhaps you understand why I am so eager to return to London...'

  • Scandal -
  • Nightmares +
  • Watchful +

With Friends Like These...

Whispered Icon

'My dear, I wish you would be a little more circumspect. You might have consulted me before publishing the sorry facts in the matter of Mme L. and myself. Yes, it will repair my reputation a little. Yes, I suppose it is better that innocents do not suffer. But the truth is damnably embarrassing! I will be a laughing-stock in the Singing Mandrake...'

  • Scandal -
  • Persuasive -