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Quow's map of Thursday's Island.

The Isle of Tonahamen--also known as Thursday's Island, after Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday, the only npc on it--is a small island in the Turnwise Ocean. The area was coded by Dogbolter.

[desert island]
A magnificent palm tree marks the centre spot of this round island.  Suspended from its branches is a coconut.  At the base of its trunk is golden sand, smooth and damp from the sea.  At the water's edge is a typical layer of driftwood and seaweed left by the passing currents.
It is a very warm secundus spring's afternoon with almost no wind and many puffy clouds.
There are three obvious exits: clockwise, anticlockwise and enter sea.
Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday is standing here.

Getting there and back

Since the island, and a large part of the surrounding ocean, is a no-portal zone, it can be rather difficult to get to (or to leave, once there). One option is to hop on the t-shop and hope that it stops there.

Another option is to swim by going a ways west and rather far north of Bes Pelargic as shown in this map of the region (large image--note that the black areas are places you cannot go). If you aimed correctly, you will eventually arrive to a black wall blocking the way to the west. Along this wall there are three rooms that allow you to enter the island directly by going northwest, west or southwest. From these rooms there are also non-obvious westerly exits which lead to the ocean around the island--so if you go northwest from the room directly east of the island, you will end up directly north of the island.

You can also dive into the pool in the back room of the Seasick Sea Serpent in Ephebe. Diving in this pool brings you to random locations that are associated with water. When lucky in this Achievement: Three-hour Tour, you reach Isle of Tonahamen.

Likely rewritten with the dead letter changes (dev blog 770) attacking the shopkeeper of the T-Ferry‎‎ or the shopkeeper of the T-Shop DURING flight will NOT have you catapulted to Isle of Tonahamen anymore.

Orienting yourself on the island here can be tricky. All island rooms together form a diamond. Each corner of the diamond is a room and between each corner is a room. The exits are given by clockwise or anticlockwise, but you can also navigate the island by going nw, se, etc. When swimming to the island, you will enter one of the eastern rooms of the diamond. When you look at the trees in the rooms, you'll notice the have scars. The room with a scar, that looks like a small shop is the room where the t-shop will (eventually) show up. This room is located between the western and northern corners of the diamond.

If you can swim (don't expect a water rescue) just enter the sea and note where the island is from your position. If you exit east, northeast or southeast of the island you'll see that everything in the west is black like you can't go there. You can still enter back through the island which is a (north/south)west exit. You can get out of the no-portal zone and further back to the land outside the walls of Agatea by going southeast. A lot. Then a lot more. It takes a long while. If you only want to get out of the no-portal zone, it ends 500 rooms or so away from the island.

You can also use a blue crystal ring to get off of the island.

The northeast room has a faintly carved arrow as a scar on the tree pointing at a large X marked in the sand.

The southeast room has 'Ilik was here' faintly carved as a scar in the tree.


You can make sandcastles here.

If you drop something, it will be sucked into the sand. You can retrieve it by searching, though (though it may take multiple tries).

Typing "clutch coconut" while one of Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday's coconuts is in your inventory yields the fake TM text, "You feel more adept at clutching nuts." This is likely a reference to one of Soxy's fake quests.

External links

  • Boot's maps: The CWC northwest map shows the "landmarks" surrounding the island, making it easier to find.