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AM Thieves' Guild by Kefka

The Guild of Thieves, Burglars and Allied Trades is a covert guild based in Ankh-Morpork, although it has branches in Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Genua, Ephebe, Sto Lat, Mad Stoat and Pekan Ford (see also Thieves' Guild guildhall locations). It is split into five specialisations, each focusing on certain areas of their profession and each equipped with their own set of primaries. Upon joining, players learn the guild-specific language Thieves' Cant. Thieves worship the God Mazda, Mazda bestows powers and achievements to certain tasks and achievements.

This is an excellent resource for all thieves: Thieves' Guild Wiki

Guild Leaders

Guild Administration
Guildmaster Casiphia
Assistant Guildmaster Zorgle
Monitor of Prowlers Swiper
Monitor of Cutpurses Ordeith
Monitor of Muggers Riverphoenix
Monitor of Safecrackers Samtheman
Monitor of Smugglers Rakah


The Thieves' Guild quota is displayed on your Thieves' Guild Licence. The quota is checked and dealt with accordingly every 12 hours of play time. The Guild takes 30% of everything stolen, and will expect you to pay their cut before the turnover. If not paid within the 12 hour period, it will be carried onto the next period. Outstanding fines will be dealt with the Thieves' Guild heavies tracking you down.

There are two main ways to interact with the Licence and both require the item be in your inventory. The most obvious interaction is to "read quota", which requires a light source. If you have a free hand you can also make use of the braille-like bumps on the licence to "check quota".

A more detailed breakdown of the current quota can be gained through "check receipts". The Licence is also able to give Thieves a look into the recent past with the "check previous quota" command.

Did you go over your quota? That's a silly thing to do but remain calm. The guild will make you pay 100% of your overage initially and an approximately 150% fine in your next quota period. It is highly encouraged that you gather the money ahead of time and sit with Artan to avoid guild guards. One may let you slip by but passing more may up your chances of getting grabbed.

If you're only over the quota by a few dollars it can be worth it to raise your primaries in hopes of growing your guild level enough for your maximum quota to raise before the turnover. This is a more difficult task for older Thieves or if you've gone too far over quota.

Failing to steal at all for a quota period will result in fines equal to your maximum quota.


The five specialisations are unique compared to other guild's specialisations, in that they are still considered all part of the same organisation and are governed by the same figure-head. After you join the Thieves' Guild, you can specialise any time by talking to Kordane.


The mugger excels in the more violent form of stealing, known as mugging, oddly enough. Tradition demands that instead of stealthily sneaking up on a victim, that they track the victim into a dark alley and give them a serious beating should they refuse to hand over their valuables. Muggers are ideal thieves for the newbie to Discworld; with a flexible range of skills, they find they can cope with most eventualities.


The most populous of the specialisations, cutpurses represent the more classically educated thief. With a wider range of covert training and a gentleman's style of fighting, they are the nearest thing the Thieves' Guild has to an assassin. Like the mugger, the cutpurse is another good choice for the newbie to Discworld, with a wide range of covert skills and a fighting primary.


Prowlers are focused on general covert skills and are the specialisation with primaries most similar to those the guild had prior to being split. Although equipped with no real combat training, the prowler excels in covert operations unlike any other specialisation except the safecrackers. Historically, they used to be the default specialisation of the Thieves' Guild, but were also one of the hardest to start with, which made them less than an ideal choice for the newbie to Discworld.


Similar to prowlers, safecrackers are covert specialists. Their game is to sneak into buildings and banks and crack open the safes, as the name hints.

As with the smugglers, safecrackers are not trained to steal from people or shops, not having a stealing primary, and, as with the prowlers, they have no combat primaries to speak of which makes them one of the hardest specialisations to start with. However, now that the crack command is back, safecrackers are the best lockpickers and openers of safes of the MUD.


As their name suggests, smugglers are adept in the art of importing and shifting stolen goods. They are the fences of the Thieves' Guild, with an eye for determining the value of items. As a smuggler can often have dangerous clientele, they are trained with using swords and similar weaponry. They make up for their lack of a stealing primary with the full range of valueing skills and superb ability to judge weapons and armour.


Mugger Cutpurse Prowler Safecracker Smuggler


These are the commands trainable via the teachers in the Thieves' Guild, although more commands may be learned from other sources.

* This command is unique to thieves (thief-only commands)

** This command is unique to thieves and assassins

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