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Training and Advancing

Stuff here about advancing inthe guild, and beyond.

Guild rooms for Training

There are a dozen rooms in the AM guild where a young thief can practise his, or her, skills. In each room selecting help here, option b will give you the syntax (listed below). Each room has four difficult levels (1 - 4) with one being the easist and four the hardest.

Ground Floor

Training Area  Teacher  Syntax  Examples
ambush and backstab classroom Oliver
  • ambush {dummy} <difficulty level>
  • backstab {dummy} <difficulty level>
  • ambush dummy 3
  • backstab dummy 1
lockpick classroom Zilda
  • unlock {door} <difficulty level>
  • crack {safe} <difficulty level>
  • disarm {trap} <difficulty level>
  • unlock door 3
  • crack safe 4
  • disarm trap 1
hiding object classroom Leena
  • hide {ball} <difficulty level>
  • hide ball 2
palming and sleight of hand classroom Pamela Blonde
  • strip {clothes} <difficulty level>
  • swipe {item} <difficulty level>
  • strip clothes 3
  • swipe item 1
inside stealth classroom Gadmere
  • lurk {along route} <difficulty level>
  • lurk along route 1
fired and thrown classroom Aroh
  • shoot {target} <difficulty level>
  • throw {target} <difficulty level>
  • shoot target 3
  • throw target 1
outside stealth classroom Iris
  • lurk {along route} <difficulty level>
  • lurk along route 4
climbing classroom Haia
  • climb {rope} <difficulty level>
  • shimmy {drainpipe} <difficulty level>
  • clamber {tree} <difficulty level>
  • climb rope 1
  • shimmy drainpipe 2
  • clamber tree 3

Second Floor

Training Area  Teacher  Syntax  Examples
Hiding person classroom Saira
  • skulk area <difficulty level>
  • skulk area 2
Casing Classroom Prissy
  • study {cutout} <difficulty level>
  • canvass {section} <difficulty level>
  • study cutout 1
  • canvass section 3
Combat Classroom Fulber
  • assault {chainmail dummy} <difficulty level>
  • assail {feather dummy} <difficulty level>
  • wallop {straw dummy} <difficulty level>
  • assault chainmail dummy 2 (sword)
  • assail feather dummy 4 (dagger)
  • wallop straw dummy 1 (blunt)
Classroom for Sleight Aaron
  • obtain {ball} <difficulty level>
  • plant {ball} <difficulty level>
  • obtain ball 4
  • plant ball 1

Beyond the Classrooms

The training rooms in our guild can only take you so far, however there are many opportunities scattered about the guild to practise yor skills.

For example, the cabinet outside Kordane's office can be probe and picked. The banister can be used for balance TMs, and Kordane's balcony has a lovely trellis you should take a look at sometime.

The balconies themselves offer some fun.

In the north garden there are some trees and other things to climb.

The idea here is there are a lot of things you should explore in our guild look at things, test them out, see if you can find others; they are out there.