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A talker is something that gives you access to many channels. You can use them to talk to people (anyone who is listening to the channel). Is it an invaluable tool for communication or a terrible spamming device created in the Dungeon dimensions aimed at making you mad? the choice is yours.

talker on Think you can figure that one out.
The eyes open and light up eagerly, then dim to a dull glow.
talker off Turns the talker off.
The eyes slowly lose their glow as they close.
talker channels See a list of available channels
You may use the following channels.  Channels you are currently listening to are marked with a *.
*one		two		Thieves
talker [channel name] Start using a new channel from the list.
talker Thieves
You whisper to the FBI badge and the eyes add channel "Thieves" to the list.
talker history [channel name] Find out what people were saying on a particular channel.
talker history Thieves
You whisper to the silver ring, asking for the last few chats on channel Thieves.
The eyes mutter about your bad memory.
talker delete [channel name] Get rid of an unwanted channel.
talker delete one 
The eyes sigh with relief as they can now ignore what happens on channel "one".