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The Quota and You

Stolen from the Gyde given to all new thieves upon joining:

The Thieves' Guild expects a cut of the worth of the items you have stolen. It also expects you to steal a certain amount. Both of these amounts vary depending on your level within the Guild. You can obtain a guild licence upstairs in the Thieves' Guild. See Kordane about it. At any time, you can read this card to find out how much you have stolen, how much you owe the Guild, and how much more you need to steal in order to meet the Guild requirements for your level. Not paying the Guild, or not meeting your minimum quota is apt to get you in a lot of trouble (you fortunately won't live long enough to regret it.

What does this mean to me?

Basically every twelve hours of real time playing a new quota will start. You are required to steal a certain amount and no more than your guild level plus $100. Once you have reached your quota you have to pay the guild its cut.

Failure to steal, not paying the guild, stealing too much, or too little will all result in "Bad Things" © happening to you.

It sounds complicated, and maybe a little scary but it is fairly simple. You will do just fine I am sure.

You and your licence

Once you do start your life of theft your licence will tell you everything you need to know. While you are stealing in Ankh-Morpork it is a good idea to check it often. The "maths" command (syntax maths) might be of use to you in avoiding going over your quota.

Where do I pay my quota?

The man to see is Artan. His office is upstairs in the second building. From the entrace of the guild head west. You will pass by two guards who will let you into the restricted area, provided you have not been norty.

This area is set up like a hub, go to the center of the hub, this is the kitchen (taste the soup while you are there) Head up the stairs then north. Artan will be waiting for you. Have your money ready and 'pay Artan".

Help! I went over my quota!!

Hehe, first thing to do is RELAX. Everyone goes over at least once, usually countless times. First things to do, look at your licence. How much time do you have left before the quota expires? If there is a lot of time that is a good thing. Every guild level you raise will add $1 to your maximum quota, even if you are well beyond a few dollars over this is helpful. Take a look at "skills primaries" and raise the lower level skills there as much as possible.

In addition to the usual 30% cut for quota, you owe 100% of your overage. That is before the next quota period, before fines. Fines are typically 150% of your overage in the previous quota.

When the next quota period begins you will also owe fines. You will be fined based on how much you went over. To avoid any unpleasantness make sure you are hanging out by Artan to pay the fines when the quota expires. If you miss this opportunity ask on the talker another thief may be able to get you to Artan without any of the heavies stopping you.

Leaves of Absence

The Thieves' Guild will grant you a leave of absence if you wish to travel to place out side on Ankh-Morpork. During your leave, your quota will be suspended so that you will have the same amount left on your quota period when you return. To qualify for a leave of absence, you must be in good standing with the Guild. This means that you must not have any outstanding debts or fines, you must have met your minimum quota, and you must not have exceeded your maximum quota. Tell Kordane if you would like to take a leave of absence and he will tell you if you qualify.

When should I start stealing in Ankh-Morpork?

When you are ready! Really there is no set level at which you should start your career. There are a few milestones that you should reach first. Make sure you have the shoplift, snatch, and steal commands. Filch is nice too but not necessary, that command will come in time. One thing to do is head over to Sto Lat, it is a smaller city to the east of Ankh-Morpork. It is easy to get to, relatively safe (see Crime and Punisment on the Theft page for details.) and there is a lot to steal from and practice on over there. Best of all there is no quota enforced there, so steal away. When you are good there it is time to come off leave.

How do I start stealing in Ankh-Morpork?

This one is easy, go see Kordane - he's upstairs - and let him know you are ready. There is a plaque in his room telling you what to do.

Your Licence

Your licence will tell you everything you need to know. There are a few commands you can use:

check quota     This will give you all the information you need about your quota
check receipts  This will give you an itimised list of what you have stolen.  This is geared more towards those who have joined the Player Killing community.  It can be interesting regardless