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Sto Lat

We will be looking at Sto Lat, THE destination for every new thief (and everyone else who gets the steal or shoplift command). The Royal Guards in Sto Lat frown upon the usual things, murder, theft, brawling in the streets, etc.

Their method of dealing with people is unique. Once you make a name for yourself you will receive a nice letter (see below) informing you that you are no longer welcome in the city. You can enjoy a good laugh about this as you head into the city.

The guards there will take a moment to recognise you, this is your chance to escape. Just leave the room, or if you can, kill the guard. If you are apprehended you will be forcibly removed from the city via trebuchet. If you have some skill in sleight-of-hand you may be able to escape (syntax untie).

If you are removed from the city your record is expunged and the process starts anew.

From: The Sto Lat Centre for Crime Prevention
Subject: Notice of exile.

It has been brought to our attention that you have created quite a criminal 
reputation for yourself, and evaded our law agents.  For this reason we have 
exiled you from the fair city of Sto Lat.

Captain of the Guard