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Looting Aliases

Dare's Loot Alias

This is a big, one-shot loot alias that should cover an awful lot of valuable treasure hiding about in corpses. It isn't completely comprehensive nor entirely up to date, but it's versatile enough to function sufficiently even in areas added after the writing of this alias.

loot (no argument)

alias loot bury every corpse;recover loots;put loots3&bigcoins2 in <container>
nickname loots1&loots2&bigcoins as loots
nickname travelling cloaks in every corpse&silk things in every corpse&suede things in every corpse&trendy things in every corpse&
velvet things in every corpse&fine things in every corpse&fancy things in every corpse&shimmering things in every corpse&
tight things in every corpse&sensible things in every corpse&expensive things in every corpse&elegant things in every corpse&
satin things in every corpse&startling things in every corpse&lace things in every corpse&ruffled things in every corpse&
tricorns in every corpse&posh things in every corpse&musketeer tabards in every corpse&alligator clothes in every corpse&
soft colourful things in every corpse&buckled things in every corpse&pumps in every corpse&lamb skin things in every corpse&
lion skin things in every corpse&ocean green sandals in every corpse&girdles in every corpse&hairwreaths in every corpse&
laced things in every corpse&chitons in every corpse&himations in every corpse&handsome things in every corpse&
purple embroidered sandals in every corpse as loots1
nickname gold things in every corpse&ruby things in every corpse&silver things in every corpse&red and blue things in every corpse&
crystal things in every corpse&platinum things in every corpse&pearl things in every corpse&diamond things in every corpse&
emerald things in every corpse&garnet things in every corpse&amber things in every corpse&ebony things in every corpse&
ivory things in every corpse&jade things in every corpse&pretty things in every corpse&gems in every corpse&
belly things in every corpse&nipple things in every corpse&charm things in every corpse&sapphire things in every corpse&
amethyst things in every corpse&clockwork things in every corpse&cobalt things in every corpse&hematite things in every corpse&
moonstone things in every corpse&peridot things in every corpse&star things in every corpse&malachite things in every corpse&
steel necklaces in every corpse&onyx things in every corpse&every mirrored sunglasses in every corpse&watches in every corpse&
fountain pens in every corpse as loots2
nickname travelling cloaks&silk things&suede things&trendy things&velvet things&fine things&fancy things&shimmering things&
tight things&sensible things&expensive things&elegant things&satin things&startling things&lace things&ruffled things&tricorns&
posh things&musketeer tabards&alligator clothes&soft colourful things&buckled things&pumps&lamb skin things&lion skin things&
every ocean green sandals&girdles&hairwreaths&laced things&chitons&himations&handsome things&every purple embroidered sandals&
gold things&ruby things&silver things&red and blue things&crystal things&platinum things&pearl things&diamond things&emerald things&
garnet things&amber things&ebony things&ivory things&jade things&pretty things&gems&belly things&nipple things&charm things
&sapphire things&amethyst things&clockwork things&cobalt things&hematite things&moonstone things&peridot things&star things&
malachite things&steel necklaces&onyx things&every mirrored sunglasses&watches&fountain pens as loots3
nickname fifty-rhinus in every corpse&ten-rhinus in every corpse&rhinus in every corpse&half-rhinus in every corpse&
quarter rhinus in every corpse&half-dollars in every corpse&dollars in every corpse&ten-dollars in every corpse&
royals in every corpse&crowns in every corpse&thanras in every corpse&ras in every corpse&talents in every corpse&
tooni in every corpse&drachmas in every corpse&staters in every corpse&decadrachmas in every corpse&minas in every corpse
&tyrants in every corpse&ducats in every corpse&forins in every corpse&livres in every corpse&
hedgehogs in every corpse&sovereigns in every corpse&tencrowns in every corpse&shillings in every corpse as bigcoins
nickname fifty-rhinus&ten-rhinus&rhinus&dollars&ten-dollars&royals&crowns&thanras&ras&talents&decadrachmas&minas&tyrants&
ducats&forins&livres&hedgehogs&sovereigns&tencrowns&dinars&tomans&platinum coins&gold coins as bigcoins2

Danduin's Loot Alias

Generic Loot Alias

alias loot get ankh-morpork money except ten-pences&pence from $*$; get agatea money except saveloy-rhinus from $*$; get djelibeybi 
money except ptascps&talons from $*$; get genua money except cents from $*$; get lancre money except farthings&ha'pennies&
lancre pennies&tuppences&thruppences&sixpences from $*$; get klatch money except every para&every two para&every five para&
every ten para& every twenty para from $*$; get ephebe money except derechmi&hemioboli&oboli&drachmas from $*$
  • Telarin: Swiper had found an alias like that, but it used nicknames and seemed needlessly complex. I redid it, excluding the same small change, but using 'excepts'
  • As usual, this should be one unbroken list, it was divided up here to fit on the page and the box.