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Guild Rules

There are two basic rules in this Guild, and they are as follows:

1. Respect your fellow thieves.

Rule number one is pretty straight-forward. We're a team, and it is expected that we always treat each other as respected allies. If you're a playerkiller, or you one day wish to be, you will never attack or rob one of your fellow thieves. Anyone caught attacking, robbing, or disrespecting his or her fellow thieves will face consequences when the Guild finds out about it. If you are attacked, robbed, or otherwise significantly mistreated by one of your fellow thieves, we request that you report the matter to your Monitor, or if your Monitor is unavailable at the time, any member of the Guild leadership should be able to address your problem and deal with the offender in question. As a footnote to this rule, I would like to add that thieves are also expected to respect the populations of non-thieves upon which they ply their trade. Which ties nicely into rule number two:

2. Do not bring heat down on the Guild.

Thieves are warned not to soil the bed in which we must all sleep with their greed or lack of respect for the privileges they enjoy as a member of the Thieves' Guild, under threat of potentially harsh official repercussions. This rule covers a very broad range of things, most of which are common sense when you consider our trade has to remain respectable and sustainable if it is to continue to exist as part of the foundation of the economic structure of the Disc. We're all expected to conduct ourselves honourably as thieves. The choices we make in our day to day interactions all reflect upon the Guild as a whole, and it is important that we maintain a high quality, professional reputation at all times if we wish to continue to enjoy the privileges that we all do. If you make yourself look bad, you make us all look bad, and generally members will face consequences for behaviours that reflect poorly on the Thieves' Guild.