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Guild Locations


Level Map Description
0 | Main Floor Am-mainfloor.png
  1. Entrance Hall - Stairs to second floor
  2. Entrance Hall - Shifty Jim (fence)
  3. Thieves' Guild Voting Room
  4. Thieves' Guild receipt office
  5. Thieves' Guild hospital
  6. corridor in the Thieves' Guild -Stairs to basement and top floor
  7. Thieves' Guild kitchen -Stiars up
  8. lockpick classroom
  9. ambush and backstab classroom
  10. inside stealth classroomnw
  11. Thieves' Guild Armoury
  12. Thieves' Guild smithy
  13. Thieves' Guild refectory
  14. palming and sleight of hand classroom
  15. hiding object classroom
  16. fired and thrown classroom
  17. outside stealth classroom
  18. climbing classroom
1 | Upper Floor Am-secondfloor.png
  1. Main Hall of the Thieves' Guild
  2. office of the Thieves' Guild recruitmaster
  3. Monitor of Safecrackers
  4. Monitor of Muggers
  5. Monitor of Cutpurses
  6. Assistant Guildmaster
  7. Monitor of Smugglers
  8. Monitor of Prowlers
  9. Guildmaster
  10. hiding person classroom
  11. passing and stealing classroom
  12. casing classroom
  13. Thieves' Guild Plan Room
  14. dodging classroom
  15. Thieves' Guild Research Room - Thief/Newbie box is here
  16. combat practice room
  17. bookkeeping office
  18. Thieves' Guild quota room
-1 | Basement Am-basement.png
  1. Thieves' Guild museum
  2. Heavy Stuff
  3. launder room
  4. Nicolette's Custom Costumes and Tailoring
-2 | Sub-Basement Am-subbasement.png
  1. cellar corridor - Stairs up
  2. bathroom
  3. muggers' dormitory
  4. prowlers' dormitory
  5. safecrackers' dormitory
  6. smugglers' dormitory
  7. cutpurses' dormitory
  8. lounge
  9. Consortium

Bes Pelargic

The Bes Pelargic guildhall is located in the far southeast corner of the city, on Ricecake Alley.


The Djelibeybi guildhall is located on the east side of the city. It is well hidden, talk to a thief for some hints on its actual location.


The Ephebe guildhall is located in hidden underground tunnels and might be a bit dangerous to get into for less nimble adventures. There is an easier entrance hidden on the east side of the city. It's rather small, about the size of the Djelian guild, featuring a fighting classroom, a small shop, and a room with a weapons fence, Adriano.


This hideout is secreted away near the underground harbor in the sewers of Genua. Beware: the gators in the sewers will attack on sight.

Mad Stoat

Dodgy Bill at the Mad Stoat outpost is a fence who specialises in weapons.

Pekan Ford

Tiffany Glitter at the Pekan Ford outpost is a fence specialising in armour and clothes.

Sto Lat

A small classroom with a thief instructor and the Thieves board can be found in Sto Lat sewers.