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This section was mainly for magical or unusual items which you may find handy on your travels, some boost covert, some boost fighting and some boost the amount of stolen things you can carry...;) But Squeeka's got her paws on it and has decided that maybe a page with items you'll need as a new thief might be helpful. She's also left the list of stuff that Cold put on here in the first place below her recommendations for new thieves. Heh heh, now I have control of this page again, so thanks to Greyko, I've added the guild shop's inventories to this, so you little newbies can peruse things without risk.


First off, lets look at the basic items a thief can start out with.

Ok, first of all lets start with something to carry all the stuff you're gonna either scavenge up or steal. A black backpack works nicely and is readily available in either general shops (at times) or the stall in the Sto Lat market centre. The silk backpacks in CWC are rather nice to and a bit lighter than the leather ones. For those of you that just have to have it all, there's the hunters pack, which is available from player shops, your friendly neighbourhood thief, or Iris, if you're good enough and don't mind being thrown in a dark hole with rats. There's also the close fitting black leather bag in the Thieves Guild shop.

Now, for something to keep you safe (relatively) from harm. A look at the armour pages and the sites listed on them will help. Almost anything you can search out and scrounge up will help too. I suggest getting some trousers and shirt or jacket from the shop in the newbie area and some shoes (don't wanna have cold toes now do we? :P) These will not only keep you warm in the cold Discworld winter but will also offer some protection.

Next, let's look at some weapons. Most thieves are proficient in the use of daggers or stilettos and these are easily obtainable from shops around AM and in the shop in the newbie area. There are also a wide variety of other weapons available in shops and from searching. Be sure to ask on the channel if you need help fixing anything you find, you'll find most thieves are willing to help out other thieves in one manner or another.

Most thieves tend to use sharp or pierce weapons at first, not really worrying about blunt unless they plan on going around and killing the numerous trolls that inhabit Ankh-Morpork, especially Enim Rac (once you're good enough) who tends to have some nice jewellery on her person. If you, however feel the need to use blunt weapons, sais, hammers, maces, etc work well.

Another thing that's very important for a new thief is some kind of light source. Yellow stone rings are available in the Emporium or various players shops, a miners helmet (you just need candles, which are easy enough to steal even at low levels) are available in the Thieves Guild shop, lanterns, torches (our guild has plenty) and of course there's the new fad, lava lamps. These however tend to get in the way, counting as something you have to hold in your inventory which counts against the 10 things you may hold. Yellow stone rings tend to drain GP so my best suggestion would be a miners helmet, or when you can afford it, a permanent light source.

Required Items for a newbie thief are as follows and most can be purchased in the Thieves guild shop. Leather trousers: pockets for carrying more loot or things you don't want to put in the pack (like the keys to anything), trench coat (again, more pockets and some protection), Miner's helmet (go steal the candles, they're hardly anything on your quota and it's fun to steal them), black leather boots (at least until you can get to DJB and get a pair of the ones with sheathes in them), close fitting black leather bag (to hold all your loot, until you get a pack), lockpicks (very important), either daggers or stilettos (both will get you TMs, I prefer daggers but then again, I'm weird), steel breastplate or Grflx scale or something of that nature to protect you from sharp pointy things or blunt stony things, and last but not least... a swag bag.

Special Items

There are also items you can buy from the travelling shop, or more expense at player shops. These generally add stats at a cost, so they're useful for temporary operations such as covert or shoplifting. Although if you have 4 gp regen you can use them over far long periods of times. First off, you can purchase 'black leather gloves', they increase your dexterity by 2, but drop your strength by 1, and also drain gps. Bronze helm, this is a rather handy help for if you struggle with magic. It will add 3 intelligence and 2 wisdom to your stats, and remove 1 from your constitution. You can't wear this helm all the time as it will kill you. The farmers 'flat cap', this will add 3 to wisdom, 2 to intelligence and remove 3 from your strength, again like the bronze helm you can't wear it all the time as it will kill you. Iron gauntlets are very popular right now, and are reaching some good prices, they add 2 to your strength, are relatively good armour and drain 30 gps every minute.