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Crime & Punishment in Djelibeybi

Stealing in Djelibeybi can be very rewarding. But the priests here frown on theft, albeit not as harshly as they frown on you sticking a cat or priest.

If you steal and fail expect the priests to keep a tally of your crime. As you move around certain of the priests and priestesses will try to grab you and abandon you in the wilderness. This can be problematic if you are abandoned somewhere with a rogue bull elephant or nasty desert lion. Get ready to move quickly if you get caught!

You can, however, avoid these priests for a long time. If they start to stomp towards you and you're fast you can hide or move. If you're lucky they won't get you, and seeing the priests ask around for you by name after a narrow escape is fun.

If you're abandoned and want to get back, follow the simple rules:

  • Always trek (using journey) east until you reach a road.
  • If the road is next to the sea or within a few rooms of the sea (look at your map) then journey south till you see the city.
  • If the road is not near the sea journey north.
  • If on your trek eastwards you run in to cliffs, journey south-east once and try to head east again. Repeat until you hit the road.

Once you are thrown from the city and abandoned in the wilderness your crimes of stealing in Djelibeybi are forgotten.