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Commands for Thieves' guild members

Useful Commands

Displays usage information about any other command and should be used when you are unsure how to interact with a command.
help [here | object]
Displays a help file about the command/room/object and how you can interact with it.

Below is a table of commands a thief can obtain along with the skills requirements; you can use commands to enhance your natural abilities through skill and energy (guild points). Using commands will require that you have some guild points in the skill tree that the command uses. So if you want to ambush, you'll need covert guild points, if you want to value, you'll need people guild points. You gain guild points through advancing covert.points etc.

With the exceptions of peek (learned automatically) and conceal (taught automatically by Gassy Holmsfirth in the Ankh-Morpork guild), all the commands can be learned from any Recruit Master by politely asking them to teach you. You can also ask to be told about higher level commands, which will tell you which skills you need to advance to learn a certain command.

Acquiring Commands

Command Guild(s) Skill(s) required Level required
abscond Thieves and Assassins covert.stealth 50
ambush all guilds covert.stealth 60
covert.items.weapons 60
backstab* Thieves and Assassins covert.stealth 60 (see note below)
covert.items.weapons 60
case Thieves covert.casing 20
conceal all guilds covert.hiding.object 40 (Taught by Gassy Holmfirth)
crack Thieves 90
disable all guilds covert.items.traps 60
covert.lockpick.traps 60
filch Thieves covert.manipulation.stealing 150
hide all guilds covert.hiding.person 10
palm all guilds covert.manipulation.palming 3
peek all guilds covert.stealth 10
pick all guilds covert.lockpick.doors 60
plant all guilds covert.manipulation.passing 20
probe all guilds covert.items.traps 20 60
rifle Thieves covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand 30
scope Thieves 20
shoplift all guilds covert.manipulation.stealing 15
slip all guilds covert.manipulation.passing 3
snatch all guilds covert.manipulation.stealing 5
sneak all guilds covert.stealth 10
steal all guilds covert.manipulation.stealing 20
unconceal all guilds covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand 60
unhide all guilds covert.stealth 20
value all guilds* 40

  • To quickly get backstab follow these steps:
  1. Raise covert.items ( to 10.
  2. Raise covert.items.weapons ( to 50
  3. Raise covert.items ( to 50