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The Dysk is located around Thespians' Yard, the middle ground between Dysk Theatre and the Actor's Guild on the Isle of Gods in Ankh-Morpork.

It is located North East of Lord Wykin's Men off Lower Broadway on God's Collar.

This area allows access to The Dysk Theatre, The actor's Guild, The Stage Theatre Management Office and the Playwright's Guild.

The Dysk theatre

  • The Disk theatre is a player based theatre that will perform plays created by players. These plays are voted in democratically and edited via the Stage Theatre Management Office.
  • The entrance to the Theatre can be found north of the Actor's Guild.
  • Inside The Dysk is a ticket booth where information regarding show times, seating, and ticket prices can be found.
  • There is also a donation box and top donator's names can be found on the backs of the chairs in the seating area.

Players can enter the theatre five minutes after the last viewing. A player can leave the Dysk Theatre and reenter if the play hasn't started. If a play has started and a player leaves, they will not be allowed back in.

While viewing a play a player can throw or chuck fruits at the stage which will either hit an actor on the stage or miss.


> Throw/chuck Pineapple at stage
You throw a sweet lime at the stage.
A sweet lime is thrown at the actors, hitting Rosie hard in the head. 

You cannot chuck or throw a fruit if there are no actors on the stage.

At the end of a play a player can choose to boo or applaud the play.


> Boo the play
You boo the play.
  • After a play has ended and the player has not left, Ushers will automatically relocate you to the ticket booth.
  • You can purchase tickets for different seating arrangements via the ticket booth.
  • A season pass can be bought for any seating which is the equivalent of 10 plays.
  • The play experience is the same with any ticket but a higher priced ticket allows access to more areas of the theatre.

A standing ticket

  • Gives access to the bottom floor of the Theatre.

A seating ticket

  • allows access to the first upstairs room of the Theatre.
  • Can view the top donors to the Theatre by reading the plaques on the backs of the chairs.

A booth ticket

  • Gives access to the second upstairs room of the theatre.

A Patrician booth ticket

  • Gives access to the Patrician's booth
  • Free selection of wines and fruits on a table
Ticket Price in Anhk-Morpokian dollars
season patricial box pass 180$
season booth pass 90$
season seating pass 36$
season standing pass 9$
patricial box ticket 20$
booth ticket 10$
seating ticket 4$
standing only ticket 1$

Show Schedule

  • All performances start on the hour every oddly numbered hour, Ankh-Morpork time.
  • A board found at the Dysk theatre ticket office shows the forthcoming performances.
  • Due to a bug with the ticket office board the list often doesn't display correctly.

As of Wednesday 7th May Prime, UC 2048 the current play list is:

Title Author Genre
Moliki Hibiscus Tremulo Drama

Previous plays can be found in the Archived Scripts listing.

Actors' Guild

The Actors' Guild can be found south of the Dysk Theatre. It has two main features, the Actors' Guild Bar, and the practice stage.

The Actors' Guild Bar

found on the east side of the Actors' Guild and sells Lemon drink, Apple Cider and Lager Shady. It also is host to a shoe shine machine. More information can be found on the Eateries page.

The Practice Stage

can be found on the south side of the Actors' Guild. Here you can pay actors five Ankh-Morkporkian dollars to preform a script in your inventory.


> request a performance of a script
A Group of actors cluster around the script and begin to read from it.

This will allow you to check any errors within your script or just see how it looks. Keep in mind that it will not be exactly the same as a production in Dysk Theatre as it will not preempt action with "On the stage,"

There is a second floor in the Actors' Guild but is under renovation and currently, has no real function.

Stage Theatre Management Office

As of the Friday 1st March Prime, UC 2047 the Dysk Theatre Managers are: Noshoes & Ebenezer

Playwright's Guild

The Playwrights' Guild is a one room shop and service located to the east of the Actors' Guild.

Players can purchase scripts and a book detailing how to use them.

Goods Price in Ankh-Morkporkian dollars
A blank script 1$
a playwright's handbook 4$
a Djelian edition of the playwright's handbook 4$
an Agatean edition of the playwright's handbook 4$

The Playwrights' Guild can copy any script that you want them to for a free.


> copy script
Sandra quickly copies the script onto a new one.
Sandra exclaims: That should be it!
Sandra gives an untidy script to you.

Player's can also deposit scripts to be judged by the Theatre Management Office in order to be performed at the Dysk Theatre.


> deposit script
Sending to: Sleet.
Sending to: Mattias.
Sending to: Pozpaws.
Sending to: Thedysk.
Sending to: Mauve.
Sending to: Exote.
Sending to: Rauna.
Sending to: Noshoes.
Sandra says: Thank you Whatgum, providing it is approved you should see it performed in a short while.

Alternatively, you can collect a script that you don't want to be performed anymore.


>  collect script
1  (User)  (Script Title) R:10
Select script number to retrieve, any other key to cancel.
> 1
Sandra gives an untidy script to you.
Sandra says: Here's your script.

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