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This page is about the game Echo Bazaar, a browser game played by several delicious MUDers.
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All Echo Bazaar material is © Failbetter Games 2010, used by permission.

This page contains information that can be considered spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

The Masters of the Bazaar

"Sweet and delicious creature! I have never been a Master of a City! Merely of the Bazaar! We are not Masters of London. We merely provide advice and guidance to the Empress and the Court of Aldermen and all your other fine institutions! And ensure prosperity." - Mr Apples.

How many names do the Masters have? It's hard to be certain, but some have traded under more then one name. They say Mr Apples was Mr Barley once. Certainly Mr Iron used to trade as Mr Bronze. And Mr Stones was also trading as Mr Marble quite recently. Until that trouble with the tomb-colonies.""

  • Mr Pages - You want to write it down, eh? You want to talk to me, then. You want to talk to me anyway. I can help. (Following Mr Mirrors, Mr Veils, Mr Iron, Mr Wine)
  • Mr Mirrors - The frangible and the fine! (Has rebuked Mr Spices publicly. Has praised Mr Wines publicly.)
    • Who manages the House of Mirrors? Is it Mr Mirrors himself? Surely not. No Master would lower himself to become a carnival showman. But it is a sinister place. And it surely can't turn a profit.
  • Mr Veils - None (Has spoken to Mr Spices, Mr Wines publicly) <Girls according to the Zeeman Songs>
    • Who is Mr Veils? Mr Veils deals with clothing and fabric, and takes a close interest in the silk-weavers of Spite. But not in any of the more dubious activities in the district of Spite! The mere suggestion is slander!
  • Mr Iron - Tools, weapons, engines. Adjudicator of the Game-of-Knife-and-Candle.
  • Mr Wines - Purveyor of all that is drinkable. And certain other services. The only true merchant of dreams! (Following Mr Fires, Mr Iron, Mr Veils, Mr Stone, Mr Mirrors, Mr Pages - Has spoken to Mr Spices, Mr Veils, Mr Apples publicly)
  • Mr Fires - Coal, gas, candles. Warm yourself. (Has spoken to Mr Wines, Mr Sacks, Mr Stones publicly "Just like old times, see you on the other side.")
  • Mr Stones - Jewels. Quarrystone. Salt. Blasting Powder. Enough. (Has spoken to Mr Spices, Mr Wines and Mr Sacks publicly)
  • Mr Cups - Crockery, pottery, sculpture. The frangible and the fine. (Has rebuked Mr Pages publicly)
  • Mr Sacks - Ahahaha. Excuse me. I do beg your pardon. 'Ho ho ho.' (Has spoken to Mr Wines publicly)
  • Mr Spices - Purveyor of spices and sweet smokes. The only reliable source for dreams. Do not accept imitations. (Has argued with Mr Wines publicly)
  • Mr Apples - Fruits, bread, vegetables, barley, horse mushrooms, wood and so forth... Immortality. (Has spoken to Mr Wines, Mr Spices and Mr Pages publicly; They say it's an ally of Mr Veils.)
  • Mr Eaten - An accounting is not to be postponed indefinitely.
    • "To be plain. Mr Eaten is a deceitful remnant, no more. We regret its fall, but nothing it says is to be trusted." - Mr Spices
    • "I wish you'd all stop selling your skin to Mr Eaten, my dears. He doesn't have the least idea what to do with it" - Mr Hearts
    • Who is Mr Eaten? A good question. Not a wise one.
  • Mr Hearts - Delicious meats, bloods, puddings, joints, chops, sausages. And so forth.
  • Mr Names - Accept no substitutes.


  • Mrs Plenty - She runs the carnival and insists she isn't a master of the bazaar.
  • Madame Shoshana - Fallen London's foremost clairvoyante. All forms of divination practised. Eery accuracy and uncanniness guaranteed.
  • Huffam Esq - Publish and be damned! (The editor of the magazine formerly known as the London Magazine?)
  • Sinning Jenny - Virtue, like most everything, is simply a matter for negotiation.