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Unseen University map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar

The Unseen University (abbreviated as the UU) is the primary institute of wizardry on the Discworld, located off Sator Square in Ankh-Morpork.


The Unseen University's most valuable facility is the library, containing 12 spellbooks and the vast majority of spells available to wizards. Also inside the university is the student lounge (or advancement room) where wizards can be trained in their primaries by the guild. The gym, which contains the beginners' tome and a donation chest, is also a good place for student wizards to get useful items and spells, as well as honing their skills on Dwmmigh.


Joining the guild is a fairly simple task, achieved by typing 'join' in the hallway outside the student lounge. Upon doing this the player is greeted by Ragnel, who will explain the basics of magic and provide the student with a copy of Master Woddeley's Occult Primer (which is also a talker), and recruit them into the guild to become an 'Unseen University Initiate'. The student can then advance using the guild's student lounge and choose an order when their guild level is at least 40.


The different skill trees can be advanced to different levels.

  • Magic skills to level 50 before choosing a specialization.
  • The specialization's skills can be advanced to level 300.
  • The adventuring and people trees to level 25.
  • The covert and crafts trees to level 10.
  • The faith tree to level 5.


The Unseen University consists of eight specializations, or orders, each led by a senior wizard. They are:

Order Specialization Senior Wizard
The Ancient and Truly Original Sages of the Unbroken Circle Elemental magic Pterrific
The Hoodwinkers Illusion and Conjuring Drygur
Mrs. Widgery's Lodgers General magic Geryon
The Ancient and Truly Original Brothers of the Silver Star Magical artifacts Ecthelion
The Venerable Council of Seers Knowledge and Lore Ruhsbaar
The Sages of the Unknown Shadow Demonology Peach
The Order of Midnight Necromancy Vein
The Last Order Playerkilling Fraug

An order can be chosen in the order selection room (inside the order complex north of the student lounge) upon reaching guild level 40. Advancement in the guild cannot exceed level 50 unless an order is joined.

The Library

South side cut from Zari's full UU Library map

The library is located on the north side of a courtyard just east of the great hall. It contains the following spellbooks:

As the library has such a high concentration of background magic, spells cannot be cast inside it.


Directions within the library are relative to the wizard, and thus consist only of forward, backward, left and right. This means that moving involves turning to face that direction and then proceeding forwards, so the direction the wizard turned to face in the previous room becomes 'forward' in the next room.

The library is 8 columns wide and 160 rows deep, though all known books are contained within the first 23 rows. The columns wrap around such that the rightmost column is adjacent to the leftmost column; moving about in the library is similar to moving on the inside wall of a giant cylinder. A thaumometer may be used to assist in navigation, as the background magic in each room is equal to five times its row number (with the first row having a background of 5 Thaums and the 160th 800 Thaums). This method of navigation does have its perils however, as the divination check required to read a thaumometer becomes more difficult for higher levels of background magic.


The library contains several distortions:

 There is a strange distortion in space and time to the right of you!

Moving right in this situation will send the wizard into L-space. Distortions will move of their own accord after a period of time.

As of Thu Feb 26 2015 Wizards can try to 'seal [the] distortion' (blog post "Distorted Reality" )

Each attempt costs 300 GP. Sealing a distortion is a skillcheck on magic.spells.special, with the skillcheck increasing in difficulty the deeper into the Library you go. A critical fail on the skillcheck will pull you into L-Space. It is possible to TM magic.spells.special from sealing.

On success you get one of the messages:

You close your eyes and reach towards the distortion with your mind. You manage to force its edges together until it seals shut entirely.
You confidently probe the distortion with your mind.  With a perfectly-judged
mental push you force it to seal shut.

On failure

You attempt to gain a mental grip on the edges of the distortion but just can't
seem to manage it.
You attempt to force the edges of the distortion closed with your mind; all you
get for your trouble is a slight headache.

A critical skill failure will drag you to L-Space and leave the original distortion intact;

An unseen force starts dragging you towards the distortion. You hardly have
time to blink before you're pulled inside.

The distortion appears with message

A distortion in time and space is forming!

and dissapears with

The distortion fades away.


  • The Lecturer in Recent Runes is a high level wizard who automatically teaches commands when you have sufficient skill to learn them. He can be found wandering the university grounds. Spawns in the middle of Great Hall.
  • The Communications Imp is an enslaved demon who will automatically grant new guild titles to wizards when they reach certain guild levels. He can be found wandering the university grounds. Spawns in the Admissions Office.
  • Dwmmigh is another enslaved demon with a slightly more sinister purpose, that is to provide wizards with a target for offensive spell practise (similar to a training dummy for melee). He can be found chained to the floor in the gym.

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