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Item Information
Precise dimensions 6 x 6
Material octiron
Weight 1 1/9

Thaumometers are devices that can be used to determine number of thaums making up the room enchantment level of a room or the item enchantment level of an object.

Reading the thaumometer correctly requires a successful skillcheck using magic.methods.spiritual.divining, the difficulty of which increases with the amount of thaums to measure.

Thaumometers were changed on April 4, 2009, so that anyone skilled enough, not just wizards, can read them.

Long Description

This is an odd looking black box. On one surface there are a number of strange looking displays. Two spindly antennae protrude from the other end of the device. An oscilloscope type dial can be read to give an indication of background enchantment. Pointing the thaumometer at objects would get a reading of their thaumic strength.

Appraises As

The thaumometer is about six inches long and about six inches wide. It is black and is made of octiron and looks like you could hold it. It is in excellent condition.


  • read <thaumometer>
  • read [the] dial on [the] <thaumometer>
  • point <thaumometer> at <object>


They can be purchased from Mit-sin-bibh-khot's world of rare reagents in the Institute of Illusory Learning in Djelibeybi for 5 Djelian talents (&&&&&&&&&&+10000 DjToon 50) or the Academy of Artificers in Sto Lat for &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25.

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