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The Temple of the Listening Monks is located in the Ramtops, past the Listeners' Valley.

The Mountain carriage stops just at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the temple. It would be unwise to linger outside the temple for too long, as the cold is always extreme.


If you do anything too noisy when inside the temple, you'll be thrown out (landing outside the temple). You'll have to wait a minute or two before they'll let you back in.

Noisy things include:

  • Performing at least some rituals or spells (the ritual/spell gets interrupted)
  • Putting on noisy footwear while in the temple and moving
  • Using certain souls (although some, like nodding, are silent[1])
  • Shouting
  • Praying

Note that for souls, shouting, and footwear offenses, you get two warnings--you have to do it three times before they throw you out.

If you do noisy things in the garden, it doesn't count:

The sounds of your actions attempt to penetrate the cloisters, but are funnelled up and out of the temple by the cunning shaping of the marble colonnade.

Additionally, you'll need to whisper to talk to npcs, or they won't respond.


The temple consists of the entrance, a spiralling corridor leading from the entrance and spiralling widdershins inwards, cloisters and a garden north of the spiral, and various rooms off the cloisters.


The monk here will stop you from entering if your footwear is too noisy, or if you've been noisy very recently.

You can also make donations to the temple here.


The corridor leads away from the entrance and spirals inwards widdershins, ending at the inner sanctum. A mosaic covers the floor of the whole thing.

Small passages lead from the northeast and northwest corners to the cloisters.


The cloisters are north of the main spiral. They run along the outside of the garden.


The garden is three rooms between the cloisters and the outer wall of the main spiral.

The western part of the garden has a vegetable bed, with carrots, cabbages, and swedes.

The middle part of the garden has an herb garden with comfrey and yarrow. There are also two beehives here.

The eastern part of the garden has an apple tree (which is climbable) and a well from which you can fill vessels with water.


There is a shop just east of the southeast part of the cloisters. It sells a couple of types of alcohol, various scented candles, ear horns, talkers (in the form of earplugs), spiral neck pouches, and incense.


There is a washroom just east of the northeast part of the cloisters.

You can wash in the basin here.


There is a refectorium just north of the northeast part of the cloisters.


To the east of the refectorium is the kitchen, where Brother Hotpot works. There is a food grinder and a stove here.

Exclusive Possession game room

To the north of the refectorium is the Exclusive Possession game room, where you can play Exclusive Possession with other players.

Dormitories and chapel

The dormitories and chapel are north of the cloisters.

Abbot's office

The anteroom to the abbot's office is just north of the northwest part of the cloisters, and leads to the abbot's office.

Pet rocks

If you ask the Abbot about pet rocks, you'll get the opportunity to adopt one for a "donation". (This donation should be given to him directly, not donated at the entrance, and &&&&&&&&&&+41472 LSov 2|0|0|0 seems to be enough. He seems not to remember previous donations if you leave and come back, as you'll need to ask him about pet rocks again.)

Your pet rock will become more lifelike if you use affectionate souls on it periodically (such as pet, cuddle, hug, or snuggle).

It will "[lose] a little of its trust in you" if you put it in a container before it trusts you fully.


There is a scriptorium just west of the northwest part of the cloisters. Here, you can "offer services" and copy ledgers. This uses crafts.arts.calligraphy (a bonus of around 174 is needed to succeed at all).


There is a library just west of the southwest part of the cloisters. Here, you can "research" various topics.

Known topics include:

  • aba-weaving
  • cabbages
  • creator
  • creators
  • frogs
  • listening
  • monks
  • pet rocks
  • wombles
  • zucchini-growing

Related achievements


  1. However, adding "noisily" to a silent soul still counts.