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This seems to break bulleted lists slightly.

I tried to edit the Chronides Farmstead page as follows:

Other items of interest

  • Containers:
    • 4-5 bottles of various colours can be found on the shelf in the store room.
    • A large oinochoe and a large olpe (containers holding approximately 4 quarts) can be found on the shelf in the kitchen.
  • Olive trees are growing in the farmstead's yard, the olives can be plucked.
  • The farmstead is surrounded by tomato and garlic fields.
  • On the shelf in the pottery workshop there are vessels. Their shapes can be examined and their patterns studied.
  • There is an altar in the room east of the pottery shop, on which you can sacrifice or offer things (incense works) for a Bless. The command takes 50 gp, so presumably it may offer faith TMs. There may be a skillcheck. research

Note the extra bullet before the cr.po.st TM line.

Line breaks in templates can do that. Fixed. --Frazyl 19:20, 31 October 2011 (UTC)