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I can't figure out why the collapse function doesn't work on navboxes. This is copied straight from wikipedia and I couldn't find the feature in any of the other templates there that we don't have. I bet it's something really stupid and obvious. - Menouthis

Neither stupid nor obvious, I'm afraid :)
The collapse function comes from the MediaWiki:common.js javascript file (which is extensively filled out for Wikipedia, but not here), which hooks into the 'collapsible' and 'autocollapse' css classes in Template:Navbox.
I could copy it to here, but I'm somewhat reluctant to play around with the common .js and .css without a chance to test my changes first. Currently, this wiki has a couple of administrative settings - '$wgAllowUserCss' and '$wgAllowUserJs' - set to FALSE. This means that you can't create 'User:username/<whatever>.css' or .js and have it take effect - so it's rather difficult to test any wide-ranging changes on your own local userspace first (see here for more information). Note that even if/as/when that happens, only administrators will be able to edit the common .js and .css files that affect all users. --Chat 18:57, 7 August 2009 (UTC)