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So I grepped (searched) my logs for "horse in the" and this gave me a long list of lines where horses get hit in some part.

Then I searched for "horse's", this gave lots of unrelated stuff but also lots of relevant hits, need a better to filter those.

Then I got rid of everything before "horse" to sort by body part hit. This gives me a list of "horse in the <part>" and "horse's part" and I combined both totals.

Part Times hit in my logs Coverage Armour piece
back 73 back iron crupper
chest 34 chest iron peytral
eyes 18 eyes
face 18 face iron shaffron [1]
hair 11 hair iron crinet [1]
head 94 head iron shaffron
left front hoof 31 feet
left front leg 38 legs
left rear hoof 69 feet iron horseshoes
left rear leg 140 legs
lower back 16 back iron crupper
neck 47 neck iron crinet
right front hoof 70 feet iron horseshoes
right front leg 148 legs
right rear hoof 87 feet iron horseshoes
right rear leg 164 legs
stomach 85 abdomen iron flanchards
tail 74 back iron crupper
Total 1217
Part Times hit in my logs Coverage Armour piece
  1. 1.0 1.1 Not mentioned in help mount armour, but this armour piece covers the related zone.

If we convert that to coverage zones:

Area Times hit % Armour piece according to coverage
abdomen 85 6.98 iron flanchards
arms 0 0
back 163 13.39 iron crupper
chest 34 2.79 iron peytral
eyes 18 1.48
face 18 1.48 iron shaffron
feet 257 21.12 iron horseshoes
hair 11 0.9 iron crinet
hands 0 0 iron horseshoes
head 94 7.72 iron shaffron
legs 490 40.26
neck 47 3.86 iron crinet
Total 1217 100
Area Times hit % Armour piece according to coverage

It occurs to me that it would be more accurate to only count instances of me hitting horses (easier to grep too with deluded or otherwise rather unique weapons) rather than including anything hitting any horse parts. But it would require me to fight lots of horses. People are already doing that to get the horse armour, hopefully someone mudmails me such logs!

--Frazyl (talk) 21:01, 8 December 2021 (EST)