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  This template returns an armour's AC for one of sharp/pierce/blunt based on the vurdere reported value.

Warning.png WARNING: The excellent range doesn't have a known maximum. The value returned is arbitrary.


  • Vurdere: What the armour judges as for one of the type of damage (sharp, pierce or blunt). You need to query for all three separately.
  • Type: What you want to get:
    • min: Minimum AC.
    • max: Maximum AC.
    • ave: Average AC. This is: (max - min) / 2 + min.
  • thaums: The thaums per second that the armour radiates as measured by a thaumometer.
  • maxthaums: The maximal amount of thaums that the armour can contain, based on the weight of the item (use the {{Maxthaums}} template).


{{Vurdere|Vurdere=extremely good|Type=min}} - {{Vurdere|Vurdere=extremely good|Type=max}} ({{Vurdere|Vurdere=extremely good|Type=ave}})

This outputs: 31 - 33 (32)

{{Vurdere|Vurdere=extremely good|Type=min|thaums=5|maxthaums=10}} - {{Vurdere|Vurdere=extremely good|Type=max|thaums=5|maxthaums=10}} ({{Vurdere|Vurdere=extremely good|Type=ave|thaums=5|maxthaums=10}})

31 - 33 (32)