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Pieces for testing, remove text when done.

references here:

Thu, 10 Nov 2022 13:33:06 +0000

curr yr: 2022

curr mo: 11

curr day: 10

curr hr: 13

curr min: 33

curr timestamp: 20221110133306

local timestamp: 20221110083306

time parser: 20221110133306

time parser: 20200126111500

Use these two above? if
is used, return result of
{{#time: YmdHis | now}}
, if
{{utctest| 1 jan 2020
is used, then conditionally send that to parser?

Also, can we make a wrapper template that parses the time stamp from the parser and makes url for timeanddate web?

{{{hour|{{{1|{{CURRENTHOUR}}}}}}}}:{{{minute|{{{2|00}}}}}} UTC]