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This is a template for a spellcheck box, detailing the chances of success/failure at various stages of a spell, based on bonuses in the relevant skills.

The parameters are:

  • guild: 'Wizards' or 'Witches' as appropriate
  • barsize: Width of skillbar section in pixels (default: 300)
  • scale-min: Lowest scale value
  • scale-max: Highest scale value
  • intervals: Number of intervals in scale (default: 10)
  • skill1: Full name of first skill
  • threshold-low1: Minimum cutoff for skill (leave this blank if data is unknown for this skill)
  • threshold-high1: Maximum cutoff for a linear skill dependency (leave this blank for exponential).
  • half-life1: Half-life for an exponential skill dependency (leave this blank for linear).
And the above repeated for skills 2, 3, 4, etc.