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Player shops information
City {{{City}}}
Name {{{Name}}}
Location Playershop, {{{Location}}}
Owner {{{Owner}}}
Managers {{{Managers}}}
Helpers {{{Helpers}}}
Bank counter {{{Countersize}}} {{{Bank}}} counter, {{{Rate}}}
Other amenities {{{Amenities}}}
Size (square yards) {{{Size}}}
Updated {{{Updated}}}



This is a template for player shop pages. It both creates an infobox on the page itself, and creates part of a table row to be included in the Player shop and Bank articles.

It's used like this:

|City = AM
|Name = Fake Example Shop
|Location = near the Drum
|Owner = someplayer
|Managers = otherplayer
|Helpers = anotherplayer
|Amenities = none
|Bank = Some bank
|Countersize = Huge
|Rate = 5%
|Size = 100
|Updated = today's date

Some notes:

  • "Location" is the general location, not the address (the address is inserted in the infobox automatically). The location, if specified, will be put into the tables on Player shop and Bank after the address.
  • "Amenities" is for amenities other than bank counters.
  • "Bank", "countersize", and "rate" are for the bank counter, if there is one. If there's none, it should be left blank, like so (otherwise it will make the infobox look odd):
|Bank = 
|Countersize =
|Rate = 
Countersize should be one of: master, huge, large, regular, or small. "Regular" size ones don't have a prefix.