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Template to simplify NPC insights data handling.


Where S is a string, N is an integer, and V is in the for of N, N-N or N+.

For the sake of brevity, the variable names are very short. Their meaning is as follows:

  • t, type, e.g. human
  • c, constitution
  • d, dexterity
  • i, intelligence
  • s, strength
  • w, wisdom
  • fi, fighting
  • co, covert
  • fa, faith
  • ma, magic
  • pe, perception
  • he, health
  • a, alignment
  • g, god or goddess
  • weight, weight, if known

All arguments are optional.

The above snippet will generate a part of the insights row. If the NPC type has a known formula, it will also calculate its weight and hit points. Currently we only know the formula for humans. In context the whole row would look like this:

| Very Reverend Khepresh || ''anywhere'' || {{Insight|t=human|c=12-14|d=12-14|i=12-14|s=15-16|w=21|fi=200-250|co=0|fa=400+|ma=0|pe=200-250|he=400+|a=-3|g=Hat}} || Travels the entire world with Visit.

The Insight template will expand into the stats, skills, weight, hit points and alignment cells, producing the following:

Short name Area Con Dex Int Str Wis Fighting Covert Faith Magic Perception Health Weight Hit points Alignment Notes
Very Reverend Khepresh anywhere 12-14 12-14 12-14 15-16 21 200-250 0 400+ 0 200-250 400+ 82.65-85.3 3379+ evil, Hat Travels the entire Disc with Visit!