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This template aims to return the chance parts of a horse is to be hit from a human-sized opponent.

This is based on horse armour weights and the partition in Template:Tohit.

This needs to be tested more! Preferably by players not focusing on any zone hitting horses (a great many lots).

The value returned is the ratio multiplied by 100.

Area Odds of hitting returned (%) Armour
abdomen 6.98 iron flanchards
back 13.39 iron crupper
chest 2.79 iron peytral
eyes 1.48
face 1.48 iron shaffron
head 7.72 iron shaffron
feet 21.12 iron horseshoes
hands 0 iron horseshoes
arms 0
legs 40.26
neck 3.86 iron crinet
hair 0.9 iron crinet
default 0